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60-Second San Jose Songs

For the third annual Make Music San Jose, the San José Chamber Orchestra had the brilliant idea to curate and perform new one-minute musical works, written by community members and inspired by the city itself.

The My San Jose Song project has received 27 submissions, to be performed tomorrow afternoon at the City Hall rotunda.

Like many of Make Music Day's participatory projects, My San Jose Song is being supported by the Music Performance Trust Fund, a longstanding Make Music Day partner that provides admission-free, live, quality music, performed by professional musicians, to people of all ages and backgrounds across North America. Many thanks to the MPTF!

pBuzzing Around the U.S.

Warwick Music joins Make Music Day this year with an unusual new instrument.

In nine U.S. cities this year, groups of elementary school students will perform with pBuzzes, an introductory brass instrument (made of plastic) with a slide.

After a fun time of learning, students will play a few simple songs on Make Music Day to celebrate their musical achievements, such as a version of James Brown’s “I Feel Good” with pBuzzes playing the famous horn line.

See the full details here!

Make Music City of the Week: Fullerton

Ever since Leo Fender quit repairing radios and started making guitars in his hometown of Fullerton, California, the city has been a musical mainstay.

Today the legacy continues with a fantastic Make Music Day celebration, known locally as Day of Music Fullerton. This year, over 140 musical groups are performing at 40 locations on June 21, with innovative programs like Bach on the Block for classical musicians and a New Orleans-themed boombox parade.

Check out the full schedule here!

Landmarks Across the U.S. Shining Orange for Make Music Day

For the third year, more than 30 buildings and landmarks around the country will turn orange in honor of Make Music Day!

Three bridges, four City Halls, and national landmarks like Niagara Falls, DC’s Capital Wheel, and Vermont’s Bennington Battle Monument will all participate by turning orange – evoking the sun, the start of summer, and the Make Music Day logo – on June 21 or the evening before.

Click here for the complete list!


If you’re posting about Make Music Day on social media, we want to see it and help spread your message!

Please use the hashtag #makemusicday across media platforms, along with any local hashtag your city may be using. Over the next few days we will be watching for the hashtag and reposting.

A Mass of Harmonicas

For the seventh straight year, Hohner joins Make Music Day with an epic, nationwide harmonica blow out.

On June 21, some 4,000 first-time players will learn the basics of the instrument in massive, outdoor lessons and jam sessions held in over 40 cities across North America. After the free lessons – many led by Hohner artists – each player will get to keep their own high-quality Hohner Blues Band harmonica, to continue playing and learning at home.

Click here to see all 45 Hohner harmonica events for Make Music Day!

Make Music Country of the Week: China

Make Music China started in 2016, as a pilot project of the China Musical Instrument Association (CMIA).

Its growth ever since has been remarkable. Last year, 160,000 performers took part in 3,000 Make Music Day events across the country, with highlights including traditional Chinese music at Beijing’s Park of Temple of Heaven, 30 events in Huang Qiao Town (the epicenter of Chinese violin making), and a government-issued Make Music China postage stamp.

Over 4,000 events will take place in 160 cities for Make Music China in 2019. For the first time, they will be accompanied by a Make Music Day mascot named Wukong (see post below).

Congratulations to the CMIA for bringing music to millions on June 21!

Wukong, the Make Music China Mascot

Make Music China has grown from a pilot program in a few Chinese cities in 2016, to an enormous undertaking with over 4,000 events in 160 cities across the country, led by the China Musical Instrument Association (CMIA).

This year, Make Music China unveils its first mascot, a musical figure named “Wukong” whose image will accompany Make Music Day events around the country.

Make Music City of the Week: Chicago

Make Music Chicago is one of North America’s longest-running Make Music Day celebrations, and consistently one of the most innovative.

Presented by the International Music Foundation, Make Music Chicago this year will include a side-by-side play-along with the Chicago Philharmonic; workshops for audio production, steel pans, and kazoos; a flute choir reading session; a Suzuki violin playdown; and a participatory round-singing performance, among hundreds of other events. Chicago’s Sousapalooza will return for the ninth straight year.

Visit the Make Music Chicago website to learn more!

Drumbeat to June 21st

People in cities around the country will come outside next week on Make Music Day for special bucket drumming and percussion workshops.

In 30+ cities, all percussionists who attend – kids and adults, professionals and first-timers – will be handed a pair of drum sticks generously donated by Vic Firth and invited to make music together. The events will range from structured classes to free-flowing drum circles, according to the concept of each local organizer. 

Explore the percussion events here!