Make Music


Mass Appeal, part of Make Music Day, brings together thousands of musicians across the country – of all levels and ages – to make music in large, single-instrument groups.  Mass Appeal gatherings are a unique opportunity for players to meet up with others and jam!

A free beginner lesson will take place prior to each mass appeal event and is open to anyone who would like to attend.  

Harmonica by the fireplace (Jim Longley)
Mini lesson:  4:30 pm
Mass appeal: 6:00 pm

Hohner has generously provided free harmonicas for Make Music Day, allowing countless first-time players to start developing the skills to make music throughout the year.  Website:

Bucket Drums on The Green
Mini lesson:  3:30 pm
Mass appeal:  Immediately follows until 4:30 pm

The Vic Firth Company is supporting our bucket drumming event. The first 25 participants – kids and adults, professionals and amateurs, will be handed a pair of Vic Firth sticks and invited to make music together. The goal is to spread the message that to make music, all you need is a beat in your heart… and a pair of sticks. Website:

Guitar Jam Session on The Green (Nathan Otwell)
Time:  4:30 pm – 5:30
Join us under the trees for guitar collaboration where musicians can just show up and join in the fun. Just grab your instrument and join us for a guitar jam

Mass Appeal events and Jam Session requires no pre-registration.