Make Music
Burnett and Polk Counties



MMD Webster 2020- Dan Zimmer Band

CJLong- Belting out some vocals

Mike, Aimee & Al Trio

Sarah & Dog Gone Fun

Spectators drove by on ATVs, Cars & bicycles

Gary Leer on guitar


Safe Spectator at One10 Gallery in Frederic
Karen Persico on Dulcimer

Crowd spacing at One 10 Gallery

Kaptain Karl, One10 Gallery
Kaptain Karl’s fav fan
Signage at venues

Back Then at Traditions with Larry Petersen, Craig Draxten & friends

The gathering outside at Abbie Larson’s home

Carol Thompson & Phil Zuniga, Ride This Train

Jay Stackhouse & Web Macomber at Frederic Arts

BT&Suz- Bryce & Sue Thomson at Frederic Arts

Frederic Arts AnnX for outdoor music, classes & more

Ethan Bergstrom at Frederic Arts

Lawn View from the stage- the Swongos at Frederic Arts

The Swongos with Tom & Lisa Mangelsen and Brian Liggett