Make Music


We invite all music enthusiast to collaborate in making Thursday, June 21 the livest celebration of music Cary has ever heard!  

As a performer:
Musicians of any age, skill level, and musical persuasion are welcomed to share their creativity with the community.  Simply create a profile by submitting a brief description of your act, photos, and relevant links to your music.  Once registered, request a time and an available location to perform.  


As a venue:
Performance locations do not have to be traditional music venues.  Make Music Cary is about playing and enjoying live outdoor music in every corner of our community – from store fronts and driveways to neighborhood parks and community spaces. To host a performance, simply create a profile by submitting your availability, your location information, and a brief description of the space.  Once registered, request a performance or independently welcome musicians.



Please feel free to contact us if have any questions about participating as a performer or venue.  If you are a music teacher and would like to bring your students out to play together, if you would like to instruct a jam session or if you have an idea for a cool group event, please do not hesitate to let us know!