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Making Music in Hartford: Chion Wolf

May 9, 2018

Get ready for Hartford’s Kazoo parade. That’s right, we’re going to fill Pratt Street with the sound of 100 kazoos during Make Music Hartford. Chion Wolf, known for your voice on WNPR and her hosting skills for a number of events around Hartford, will be leading the pack. Let’s get to know a little more about Chion’s connection to music. 

Who’s making music?

Chion Wolf

How are you making music?

I play the trash can with Hartford Hot Several Brass Band! We’re open to the public and love accepting new players with all levels of ability… As long as you love to rock out. We play bar and bat mitzvahs, funerals, depositions, weddings, parades, you name it.

Favorite part of the Hartford music scene? 

I love how musicians overlap and support each other! Over the course of a week, I can experience the mesmerizing work of Chad B. Springer, Keila Myles, and Tang $auce. If I’m SUPER lucky, I’ll cross paths with Hartford’s Proud Drill, Drum, and Dance Corp! They make my heart skip a beat on a lot of levels. And UZOO’s latest album is a force of nature, just like the band. West End Blend recently came out with a new album, and they are impossible not to dance to (they’re also great music to put on when you’re having friends over). Of course there’s the one-of-a-kind jazz scene that brings even more people into our city – in Bushnell Park, at Black-Eye’d Sally, and at the Hartford Public Library’s Baby Grand Jazz Series. Bossa Nova and Brazilian jazz by Sarah Rose is good for your soul, too. You’d be super lucky to catch FriendzWorldMusic playing all over this beautiful city. Just follow the rhythm that you’ll hear from blocks away! Arien Wilkerson’s dance troup TNMOT AZTRO, which blends powerful movement with hypnotic sound design, is a must-follow organization. We’re also supremely lucky to have Carolyn Kuan at the Hartford Symphony Orchestra! And the poetry of Zulynette, Olusanya Bey, and Versatile Poetiq is music to my ears. And this list is just a fraction of the music scene in Hartford.

Why is all of this important for Hartford? 

With all the serious issues facing our Hartford, it’s important to lighten up now and then! Make noise, and connect with each other!

Living musician you’d like to collaborate with: 

Lately, I have been utterly transfixed by SZA. The way she winds through the stories of her songs, the vulnerability of her lyrics, the hypnotic way she bends time signatures to her whim… I’d love to be at least a fly on the wall as she creates her music. (and she’ll be in Hartford this summer with Kendrick Lamar!)

Random questions…

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 

Pink. I love pink.

Best album artwork of all time? 

Tori Amos’s “Boys For Pele”. That was a set of some pretty bold choices on her part, and one lucky pig.