Make Music


When we say, Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Everyone, we really mean it. And this year we’ve put together more special events to draw even greater numbers of musicians and appreciators into the fun. Join us and others as we honor Rock & Roll inductee Stevie Wonder in song.

How to Participate

This event is an all-ages, all-inclusive celebration of music. Whether you’re in a band, a solo artist, a child, a senior, a saxophonist or a thereminist, there’s a spot for you to perform! As for venues, a Make Music Huntsville venue can be anywhere. For as little as 15 minutes turn your porch, the sidewalk in front of your retail space, business campus or parking lot into a venue for musicians to perform. We would love for you to take part!

Click the link below to register online and join in on the festivities!

♫ Sign Up as a Performer or Venue

Performers and Venues please check back as the updates are frequent until June 20, 2018. We finalize the data in the system at the end of the day June 20th. You can then download slick event lists of performance to have on hand June 21st.

Performers: create your profile by submitting a photo, description of your act, and any relevant website/social media links. Check out the available venues and bid on one that will fit your needs. The venue will confirm your request, and you’re good to go. Multiple venues may be interested in your talents.

Venues: create a profile by submitting your location information and a description of the space. Multiple performers may request your venue. Peruse the musician profiles to request a performance, or welcome musicians to bid on your space independently. Confirm the connection and make sure your space is ready to go on June 21st!


Celebrate the miracle that is Stevie Wonder in song. Stevie Wonder was quite literally born to make music—he was discovered at age 12. His voice, his virtuosity on piano, his songwriting and his unflagging conscience are just a small sample of the qualities that make him a musical marvel.


A number of locations around town welcome you to bring a stool, a stand if you have one, and your instrument to play along with a group. A mass appeal is akin to a jam session where you connect to the rhythm and have fun!


Assembling a large pick up wind band to  perform en masse to the patriotic and military music of American composer John Philip Sousa. This event usually attracts an all ages crowd and is open to everyone to join the band.


Let’s make friendly noises smacking hard surfaces with these brightly colored percussion instruments.  Last year we handed out hundreds of the colorful plastic tubes that come in eight pitches. This year we want thousands of Huntsvillians participating in a unique boomwhacker event!


Huntsville’s own StickMasters lead the fun of making drum music on buckets. A supply of drumsticks is available so grab a set of sticks, a bucket and give bucket drumming a try. Do not be intimidated by the professionalism and artistry of the youngsters. They regularly perform all over the city and love making beautiful drum music. Participation is encouraged.


The Harmony company said it best when it said music self-played is happiness self-made. Join local Ukulele Clubs & friends as they perform and give introductory lessons on site to anyone interested in learning a few chords. 


Drum circles have commonly been used as team building exercises. In addition to this quasi -corporate ethos we are excited to celebrate Make Music Day creating a community wide drum circle comprised of at least 50 drums.  Feel the energy!


In case you wonder why there will be two complete drums set up in full view of the public we will tell you one complete set is for the expert and the other set is for anyone to stop by and give drumming a try. If you are a beginner, learn some quick drum basics and go where your imagination takes you.


The producer has in the street studio a table with a microphone, a computer and live interactions with passersby who can contribute anything musically they would like. After which they assemble the day’s work into a music track that can be submitted in a national competition between cities. 


Make Music Day teams with Smart Music and the American Composers Orchestra in the second iteration of a contest for young composers 13-21 to write an original piece for wind bands that then is typeset and featured June 21st. Last year’s winner is a young lady from Indiana.


Global Jam for Peace celebration starts 30 minutes before sunset centered around playing the peace anthem “Set Me Free”. As the sun is going down around the world the song will follow it.


Very cool music project that’s been done in the past in New York and Chicago thanks to Sxip Shirey and Coco Karol. The audience walks one at a time through the “gauntlet” made up of two rows of vocalists.