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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Jennifer Zhang

Jennifer Zhang

Award-winning Chinese multi instrumentalist, singer and songwriter

I am an award-winning and popular musician that plays various instruments such as the Chinese transverse bamboo flute (Dizi), the Chinese vertical bamboo flute (Xiao), the Chinese bottle gourd silk (Hulusi), the Chinse reed flute (Bawu), the Chinese lute (Pipa) and the Chinese zither (Guzheng) as well as the piano. I am also a singer and song-writer. My musical journey started under the guidance of many of the most well-known professors in China, such as Chunling Lu (Dizi), Yue Chen (Xiao), Xiaosheng Zhao (piano) and Baili Fang (piano). I achieved level ten in both the Chinese bamboo flute (Dizi) and the piano. I graduated from the Northwestern University, and pursued further study at the Berklee School of Music and the Central Conservatory of Music in China.

I have performed in hundreds of shows for major organizations around the world. Some of my recent performances include the ones with the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, DECASE, and the Illinois Arts Council Foundation. I have also traveled to headline shows in many cities including LA, NY, LV, Lake Tahoe, Knoxville, Muscatine, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul. Crowned as 2015 Miss Friendship Ambassador of Chicago, I had the honor of representing Chicago in the Miss Chinese International Pageant hosted by TVB in Hong Kong.

Having won the first prize for the sixth annual CCTV Star of Talent Competition in the Shanghai region, I have been invited as a judge for many local talent competitions, such as the first annual Voice of Chicago Talent Contest, the tenth and eleventh annual Voice of University of Chicago Karaoke Contest, and the eighth annual Voice of UIC Karaoke Contest. Serving as Director of Eacast Media as well as Leader of the Chicago Chinese Music Ensemble, I am also elected as a board member for the Chinese American Museum of Chicago and an associate board member for the Vander Cook College of Music.

In 2017, I received the Outstanding Overseas Musician Award by CCTV Huaren Channel. I have also performed and was interviewed by many major TV stations, for instance, CCTV China, NBC, ABC and the Style Network. Featured on numerous publications, for example, Xinhua News, People's Daily, and Time Out Chicago, I also appeared on the magazine covers such as the Angel Rising Magazine's October Issue and the World Class Beauty Queens Magazine's March Issue. "Jennifer's excellent musical ability and graceful appearance is a beautiful scenery of Chicago, which has attracted the audience and intoxicated the critics", wrote Sing Tao Daily. With a loyal following on various social media sites, I released my original single “Foam of the Ocean” to rave reviews, and I was chosen as the lead female singer for the official theme song “Moving as One” of the China's Guantang Lake Tourism Zone.

I am a Shanghai Native and I currently live in Chicago, Illinois. I enjoy traveling, listening to music, playing with my dog Martini, exploring different cuisines, and great times with friends.

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