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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Stan DeWitt

Stan DeWitt

Americana singer-songwriter influenced by the likes of John Hiatt, Glen Phillips and Jack Johnson

Stan DeWitt has been a fixture in the Long Beach music scene for decades. As a member of the Woodbys in the early '90s, Stan earned acclaim and fans up and down the West Coast. His first solo album, "Long Day's Journey" brought him a DIY Top Ten award from Performing Songwriter magazine in 2002. A record with Moonshine ("Bring Some Friends") in 2011 led to production work for Onward, Etc., Corrina Carter, Jellykka, and many others. Now he is completing a rock opera, "Silver Bullet" with musical partner Derek O'Brien (Social Distortion) which will premiere onstage in 2020. He is also a member of eh Long Beach Music Council, the founding Executive Director of the Long Beach Youth Chorus, and the Minister of Music at Grace First Presbyterian Church in Long Beach.

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