Live Streaming

On June 21, music rings out simultaneously across more than 120 countries. Whether you are beneath a skyscraper in Beijing or along the shore of a small Greek fishing village, you will find people making music.

This year, the Make Music Alliance is organizing a day-long video stream on June 21 showing the rich diversity of live Make Music Day events around the world. Dozens of cultural institutions are setting up public projections, showing musical events live from Australia, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more.

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Where to watch:

Adventure Science Center (Nashville, TN)
Almaden Community Center (San Jose, CA)
Brass Bell Music (Milwaukee, WI)
Butler-McCook House (Hartford, CT)
Children’s Discovery Museum (San Jose, CA)
First Congregational Church (Montclair, NJ)
Fletcher Free Library (Burlington, VT)
Fox Theater (Fullerton, CA)
Groth Music (Bloomington, MN)
Helping Our Music Evolve (Nashville, TN)
KidsPlay Museum (Torrington, CT)
Macon Arts Alliance (Macon, GA)
MADE by Millworks (Long Beach, CA)
Mashantucket Pequot Museum (Mashantucket, CT)
Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester, NY)
Muckenthaler Cultural Center (Fullerton, CA)
Rainer Avenue Radio World (Seattle, WA)
Salem’s Historic Grand (Salem, OR)
Skirball Cultural Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Teignmouth Library (Devon, UK)

Events you’ll see:

“Eden Big Sing” choral extravaganza in Cumbria, UK
“Music of the Oud” concert at the Sydney Opera House, Australia
“CCTV presents” eclectic local bands in Salem, OR
“Downtown Boogie” pop-up performances in Macon, GA
“Merry Lamb Lamb” electronica in Hong Kong
“Myrina Conservatory” flagship concert in Myrina, Greece
“Little Fox Dance Troupe” Native American music and dance in the Pequot Nation, CT
“W√ľnschendorfer Bl√§servereinigung” large brass ensembles in Gera, Germany
“Sounds of Little Haiti” R&B in Miami, FL
“Bantar Gebang Landfill” outdoor jam sessions in Jakarta, Indonesia
“Westlake Park Stage” outdoor live music in Seattle, WA

… and many more!