This American Song

This American Song is a new Make Music Day initiative, capturing the stories and experiences of ordinary people from around the country at this unprecedented time.

Working through our local chapters, the Make Music Alliance lined up fifty people of all ages with a story to tell, one in each of the 50 States, along with fifty professional songwriters in a variety of styles.

On the morning of June 21, Make Music Day, each songwriter video chatted with one interviewee for an hour. In the afternoon, they wrote a song inspired by their conversation. That evening they did a second video chat with the person and gave a live, private performance of the song they just wrote.

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Videos in alphabetical order by state:

James Robert Webb, Songwriter
Sarah F., Alabama

Ada Pasternak, Songwriter
Nick P., Alaska

Ricardo Nigaglioni, Songwriter
Antoinette C., Arizona

Alyssa Trahan, Songwriter
Bryttany R., Arkansas

Wu Fei, Songwriter
Juan A., California

Aspen Jacobsen, Songwriter
Ciella S., Colorado

The Afro Nick, Songwriter
dann B., Connecticut

Sarah Jones, Songwriter
Carol B., Delaware

Daniel Leathersich, Songwriter
Pat G., Florida

Drew Richelle, Songwriter
Kaziem W., Georgia

Easha Nandyala, Songwriter
Colin P., Hawaii

Felix Jarrar, Songwriter
Scott J., Idaho

Rench, Songwriter
Ana S., Illinois

Kalie Shorr, Songwriter
Dayana Y., Indiana

Eleanor Dubinsky, Songwriter
Nate K., Iowa

Mike Burke, Songwriter
Todd H., Kansas

John McCutcheon, Songwriter
Teresa M., Kentucky

Kala Farnham, Songwriter
Sundram K., Louisiana

Jenn Franklin, Songwriter
Claire P., Maine

Jordan Allen, Songwriter
Aaron D., Maryland

Justin Dukes, Songwriter
Mark T., Massachusetts

Kyle James, Songwriter
Kate C., Michigan

Lauren McClinton, Songwriter
David M., Minnesota

Logan Garner, Songwriter
Rosangela S., Mississippi

Mignon Grabois & Lauren McLamb, Songwriters
Howard H., Missouri

Lauren Scales, Songwriter
Katie M., Montana

Michael Saleta, Songwriter
Ashley T., Nebraska

Mimi McCarley, Songwriter
Uli G., Nevada

Honey County, Songwriters
Emily M., New Hampshire

Mike Vaughn, Songwriter
Ahri F., New Jersey

Mingjia Chen, Songwriter
Jill C., New Mexico

Molly Jeanne, Songwriter
Stephanie H., New York

Morgan Bosman, Songwriter
Carrie K., North Carolina

Marcia Taylor, Songwriter
Joey L., North Dakota

Nell Maynard, Songwriter
Jailyn H., Ohio

Mackenzie Nicole, Songwriter
Alexandra B., Oklahoma

Noah Lubert, Songwriter
Namita W., Oregon

Sami Stevens, Songwriter
Nayeli S., Pennsylvania

PJ Ju, Songwriter
Cora D., Rhode Island

Rachel Garlin, Songwriter
Orlando S., South Carolina

Quinn DeVeaux, Songwriter
Derek Focus S., South Dakota

AJ Smith, Songwriter
Tiffany A., Tennessee

Treya Lam, Songwriter
Brian W., Texas

Rachel Seiler, Songwriter
Bethany L., Utah

Dominick Brown, Songwriter
Damien G., Vermont

Paige King Johnson, Songwriter
Trista G., Virginia

George Panagopoulos, Songwriter
Pete D., Washington

Brandon Ahmad, Songwriter
Carly C. & Chelsea H., West Virginia

Trisha Alicia, Songwriter
Lynn R., Wisconsin

Riley Lynn, Songwriter
Karen K., Wyoming

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Participating Songwriters Include: