World’s Smallest Marching Band

Illustration by Daniel Greenfeld of a one-person marching band

Since 2011, dozens of Make Music Day celebrations around the country have featured the “Sousapalooza” – an invitation for hundreds of brass, wind, and percussion players to come together and sightread the music of The March King, John Philip Sousa.

In 2020, in lieu of these massive gatherings, Make Music Day will explore the other end of the scale with The World’s Smallest Marching Band. Individual brass and wind players will parade through cities, by themselves, playing band repertoire to people listening from their homes or workplaces. These Pied Pipers (without rats or children) can bring musical joy in a year when parades are far and few between.

Interested in being a tiny marching band for Make Music Day? Contact Jonah Udall at

And check back soon to find a World’s Smallest Marching Band coming to you!