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Make Music Day is an International event where participating cities invite musicians of all types, skill sets, and ages to come together with venues both traditional and non traditional for FREE and open-air celebrations of music. This day is less about good or bad and more about experience and community. Feel free to organize any kind of music – traditional, as well as unusual or niche performances – as long as a venue is open to it, you are good to go! 

Make Music Day happens on June 21st every year, and this year that falls on the summer solstice. Let’s pack as much music as we can into the longest day of the year. 

2018 is the first year that our region of Northwest CT is participating, and as we join hundreds of other cities around the world, we hope to start off strong with  children singing from rooftops and jam sessions in parks right down the street from one another- along with other larger events in every town. 

Who can participate in Make Music Day?

  • Anyone is welcome to participate! Whether you are a seasoned professional or you’ve never performed in public before, this day is for you.

The more people who participate the more magical the day will be, so be sure to share this with music lovers far and wide! Make Music Day is happening statewide (as well as in select cities across the nation), So no need to keep it to our region- play here and then go play in New Haven or Hartford, and tell your friends there that it’s happening here too! Visit Make Music CT to access the different regional portals statewide.

What does Make Music Day really look like?

For a glimpse of past performances and some inspiration, go to the Make Music Day youtube page to see videos of Make Music Day from all over the world. 

here are a few of our favorites:

Radioactive Performed at Mass Appeal 2014 (lots of guitars)

And Death Shall Have No Dominion (synchronized headphone choir- participants start remotely and walk towards each other)



How it works:

Both Musicians/Singers and Venues/Locations register and connect with each other via our matchmaking site. Once registered performers can request particular time slots at different Venues, and Venues can request performers as well. You can all communicate with one another via the matchmaking site. It’s very user friendly, and there are plenty of ways to define what your needs are!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Log in regularly to keep up-to-date with new invitations and new performer profiles.  In the beginning there won’t be so many, but more participants (music makers and music venues/hosts) will come in daily.


Anyone from beginners to seasoned professionals are invited to participate in Make Music Day – if you are interested in participating you just Register on our matchmaking site, which allows you to request certain time slots at different ‘venues’. Venues can be anything from parking lots to traditional music halls. You can include all your needs for your particular performances in your profile when you register (i.e. electricity or pianos or general quietness).


Again almost anywhere can be a venue! You are able to set your own boundaries when you register as a Venue, and we encourage people to think outside of the box as to what a venue can be. We do encourage venues to be outside mainly (with a ‘rain location’ in case of weather issues) in keeping with the traditional feeling of inclusiveness and discovery that Make Music Day is about. In the past there have been many performances in parking lots, porches, parks, rooftops, etc. As a venue you are also able to review performance requests and approve only the ones that make sense for your venue logistically.

2018 Listings: Thursday, June 21st




We are seeking additional sponsorship for Make Music NWCT at various levels:

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Platinum Sponsors – $1,000

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Gold Sponsors – $500

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Silver Sponsor – $250 

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Supporters- $100

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What is Make Music NWCT?

Music Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Everyone

A DIY region-wide (and statewide) celebration where almost any way to make music can and will happen. Make Music NWCT is open to music makers of all ages, skill levels, and musical persuasions.

Why isn’t it always on a weekend?

We are celebrating the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, with a Make Music celbration as are over 750 cities around the world. The Summer Solstice occurs on June 21st. The celebration doesn’t always land on a weekend. Think of it like Halloween. Halloween doesn’t always land on a weekend.

Who can participate?

MMNWCT is Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Everyone – all over Northwestern CT. Students, amateurs, part-time professionals, and established artists are all welcome. There is no audition process to be included in the musical merriment, and MMNWCT is open to all ages, skill levels, and persuasions of music makers, All you need to do is sign up, at  Then make your match with a venue, show up, and perform. Surprise us with your creativity! Even non-musicians are invited to participate by dancing, singing along with a crowd, or even helping to organize a flash mob.

Participants Info

Where may I perform?

Performances will take place in a variety of outdoor spaces. The goal is to generate a continuous soundscape of music as people walk around participating spaces. Make Music Day does not have one central venue. We envision music corridors throughout all neighborhoods of Northwestern CT. If you have a rock band, and you want to set up outside your building and play for your neighbors, do it! If you want to perform Bach’s cello suites outside your friend’s convenience store, you can do that, too. Almost anything is possible.

Sidewalks: Many musicians will perform on the sidewalks of Rhode Island. MMNWCT organizers will secure the necessary permits from the city, so that musicians don’t have to deal with any of the paperwork or pay fees.

Community Centers, Gardens and Plazas: Some public spaces are privately controlled by community groups, management companies, or individuals. These can be fantastic performance locations – quiet, yet accessible. People who control these spaces can make them available on our website. If a perfect site isn’t listed, check with the owners to see if they’re interested!

Private Spaces: Restaurants, businesses, community organizations and homeowners may wish to offer their locale as a venue. We welcome all comers. The only requirements are that the performance space is open to the public at no cost and is outdoors.

To host performances at your venue, go to  

How long will each performance last?

You have complete artistic control. It’s your concert. If you want to take an extended 20-minute bass solo, you don’t have to ask our permission! In other cities we’ve seen performances as short as a single song and as long as 2 hours. Artists and venues must agree to the length of your performance during the matchmaking process. Then, when you perform you must stick to the set length you agreed to, so that the statewide published performance schedule stays on track.

May performers take full advantage of Make Music CT and perform all over the state?

Yes. But scheduling and registering through the appropriate regional sites is key.   Be certain to leave enough time to get to your next gig and tell the each venue about your plans.  Although we encourage you to experience this celebration across the state, each participating region has its own set of organizers and its own site through which those organizers can help to ensure everything goes smoothly, so be sure you are registering on the right sites! (venues should only register on the site which services their location). If you want to play in NWCT in the morning and Stamford in the afternoon, you would have to register your morning performance on our site, and then register on the Stamford site. You can find their site along with any other participating towns/regions from our state at the Make Music CT page that links us all together.

What if a band signs up now, and has to back out later?

Once your event is confirmed by your chosen location, and by the MMNWCT organizers, we will block off your spot and secure your permits. We are counting on you to perform! If you do need to cancel, it is your responsibility to find another performer to take your spot. Please let the location – and us – know about all program changes ASAP, so that MMNWCT and the venue can help find a replacement if you are having difficulties. All performances that are registered and confirmed by the deadline of May 21st will be publicized.

What if I play an instrument, but don’t have my own band?

Join or organize a “Mass Appeal” event!  The big idea is that scores of musicians who have never performed together before can band together to perform massive pieces. Think, a platoon of accordions playing the “Beer Barrel Polka”, barbershop quartets singing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. You get the idea! Each performance works differently, depending on the genre, the instrument, and the location. You can connect with other performers at

I am part of a large drumming circle, and we’d like to perform at the solstice sunrise.

Noise ordinances and common sense are not suspended for MMNWCT. Basically 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM are acceptable times for higher decibel sound, and acceptable locations are non-residential areas where people will not be disturbed in their homes. There can be some exceptions – in past years there have been a few cases of neighborhoods hosting venues with later performances, planned in cooperation with surrounding homeowners.

Who will provide a stage / tuned grand piano / etc. for my concert?

Make Music Day is not a typical music festival. It is a DIY opportunity for people to be creative about putting together their own musical events. Our organizers set up the framework for concerts — the rest is up to you! Artists and locations collaborate to produce the events, provide electricity, if needed, and provide any necessary equipment.

Will there be a main stage?

There will be no main stage. Connecticut itself is your stage. This is not an event focused around built stages, so performances generally take place at the same level as the audience. Your stage could be a front porch, a restaurant patio, a park bench, or any other outdoor space you can imagine. Do you have somewhere you’d love to play? Convince that location to register as a venue!

Will I be paid to perform?

MMNWCT is a region-wide celebration of summer and part of an international movement. As part of this international celebration, MMNWCT agrees to offer all performances for free to the public. As is the case with other cities around the world, our contribution is setting up the framework for performances by securing the permits, coordinating the concerts, and publicizing the event statewide with media stories, concert listings with our media partners, an interactive website, and a volunteer street-team.

Participation at any level, as a musician, host, or spectator is voluntary. This allows musicians of all skill levels the opportunity to come out and perform in public if they wish. While most performers volunteer their time and talents, both venues and musicians are welcome to seek outside sponsorship and support if they so choose.

Can I charge admission for a Make Music NWCT concert?

No. All MMNWCT performances are free and open to the public.

Can my concert be “invitation only”?

No. All MMNWCT performances are free and open to the public.

Can I have my event indoors?

Yes. While we encourage musicians to find an outdoor venue, many businesses such as restaurant/bars, retail shops, and coffee shops are all eager to host.