Music Performance Trust Fund

The nonprofit Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) provides admission-free, live, quality music, performed by professional musicians, to people of all ages and backgrounds across North America.

For the third year for Make Music Day, the MPTF is generously supporting innovative programs across eight cities in 2017. Each program gives established professionals the chance to mentor amateur and up-and-coming musicians, while providing a high-quality concert for the public.

Sousapalooza: In a tradition started in 2011 by Make Music Chicago, the MPTF is supporting “Sousapaloozas” in Cleveland, Madison, New York, Salem, and St. Paul, where wind band musicians, at every level, are invited to gather to play classic works by The March King himself, John Philip Sousa, led by professional bandleaders and soloists.

Mass Appeals: The MPTF is also supporting a selection of Make Music’s flagship Mass Appeals, including recorders in New York, horns in Cleveland, accordions in Philadelphia, and guitars in Nashville. Each one brings amateurs together with professionals, to learn and to make joyful music together.