Rhythm Band Instruments

Rhythm Band Instruments, makers of the pitched hollow plastic tubes called Boomwhackers®, are donating 1,000 instruments this year to Make Music Madison and 2,250 to Make Music New York.

On Make Music Day, fans attending baseball games in the two cities (the collegiate Madison Mallards and the minor league Staten Island Yankees) will be given Boomwhackers as they enter the stadiums. During the seventh-inning stretch, conductors and a singer will come onto the field and lead fans in a crowdsourced performance of Survivor’s anthemic “Eye of the Tiger,” inviting people to whack the tubes on cue, on the seats or bleachers in front of them.

Original Survivor frontman Dave Bickler, renowned for his vocals on “Eye of the Tiger,” will sing the classic hit at the Staten Island Yankees game. After the game, instruments will be donated to local Staten Island elementary schools.

Website: rhythmband.com