Make Music


All Instruments • All Genres • All Levels • All Ages • All FREE

Make Music Reedsburg is a celebration of music and everyone’s innate ability to make music, whether you’re banging on a 5-gallon pail or playing a Bach Cello Suite.
On June 21st, we’re hoping to fill Reedsburg with as much free and fun music as possible. From parking lots to sidewalks, under business awnings and on front porches. All the town’s a stage on Make Music Day!

The challenges of Covid 19 present a great opportunity to help lift the spirits of ourselves and our community members.  Feel free to dedicate your performance–to Fathers (it’s Father’s Day after all!) and/or Health Care Personnel and other workers who’ve been on the front lines of getting us through this pandemic.  Live performances should integrate any social distancing requirements in effect for the State of Wisconsin as of June 21st. We’ll update you on those guidelines, once we get closer to the date. Online concerts and performances are also encouraged. Given the unknowns of the pandemic, we currently recommend that all venues be outdoors.

Let us know what you’re planning as soon as you are able but no later than Wednesday, June 17th. We’ll do our best to get the word out through “official” channels!

Sign-up NOW for Make Music Day 2020

We’re seeking both performers and venues for Make Music Reedsburg.  Feel free to let us know if you need help finding a venue.  We’ll do our best to help you out!  

Once you’ve registered with us, we can help promote your performance on our website and facebook pages.  Remember, all performances must be offered free to the public.  To register, just send the following information to


  1. Contact name 
  2. Group name
  3. Your email address 
  4. Your phone number
  5. A 30-50 word description of  what you’re planning
  6. The location and time of your performance or a request for help finding a venue
  7.  A photo of your performer/s if possible


  1. Contact name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Are you looking for musicians or do you have someone in mind?
  5. A description of your venue
  6.  When your venue is available
  7. A photo of your venue

Not sure about participating?  Have questions?  Want to kick around some ideas?  Just email with your questions. We love brainstorming and are happy to help you sort through any possibilities!

Programming Ideas

Please check out some project ideas that have been suggested or that are in the worksAll of these ideas take social distancing into consideration.


What:     Front Porch Concert Tour

Who:      Anyone who wants to make music 

Where:   Front Porches, Driveways, Front Lawns and Sidewalks 

When:    Sunday, 6/21/2020  11 am-9 pm

Registration Deadline:   Wednesday, June 17th at 11:59 PM. 

We’re looking for both musicians and front porches for this!  Please let us know if you’re interested in participating as a musician, or willing to host one that we find for you.  All musical acts, professional and amateur, all ages, are welcome. We’ll create a map of where and when all the performances will be.   

Other Ideas for Performers

Would you like to organize your own activity?  Go for it!  Just be sure you’re doing so safely!  And do let us know what you’re planning!

A Timed Bucket Drum Ensemble throughout the community.

State Solo and Ensemble Students perform under storefront awnings or elsewhere in the community

Online performances and “Watch Parties”

At 6 Feet Sing a Longs

Neighborhood Family “March and Sing” or “March and Play”performances

Father’s Day Caroling-visit a Father and serenade him!

One (hu)Man Bands-play your tuba, cymbals, or another marching band instrument while marching down a City Sidewalk.

Please check in with us here on the website, or on our Facebook Page for the updates on our Make Music Reedsburg plans!