Make Music


Be a Volunteer!

Make Music Reedsburg has endless opportunities for all levels of talent to make FREE music possible. We will rely heavily on volunteers to keep things running smoothly leading up to and on June 21st!

Before the big day we need people to:

  • Spread the word–Promote Make Music Day
  • Help identify venues and make connections- Where would you like to see music happen this year on Make Music Day?
  • Encourage your friends and family to participate – it’s all for the joy of making music!
  • Make a donation. This effort will cost roughly $1,000 – Click Here to Donate

On the big day -June 21st

  • Be an ambassador – Talk to passersby about Make Music Day and answer any questions
  • Take lots of photos to share online!
  • Show your appreciation for performers by showing up 
  • Help with setup and breakdown between artists
  • Invite friends and family
  • Make Music!

Make a Donation or Sponsor

The cost for Reedsburg to host make Music Day will be roughly $1,000 including registration, administration and promotion. To make a donation to help Reedsburg ArtsLink cover these costs, please CLICK HERE.

Businesses and individuals are welcome to directly sponsor musicians for their venues!

Support Professional Artists who Participate

Professional musicians have been hard hit by Covid-19.  Although all performances are free to the public, musicians are welcome to collect tips, sell merchandise or otherwise promote themselves.  If you are able to sponsor a musician, let us know!