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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Jon Fro

Introspective melodic indie acoustic rock singer/songwriter

Driven by the possibilities of life and the beauty of making something unforgettably unique and new, Jon Fro uses music as a creative outlet to share his interpretations of life, love and the experiences he encounters along the way. Jon’s desire to reach people through his music is a driving force in all that he does as an artist and is clearly evident in his magnificently written lyrics and unique melodic styling’s.

Jon is an accomplished song writer with large catalogue of music to his name, Fro continues to blow the norm out of the water. His exploration of the past, present and future have helped build his lyrical repertoire into a soul clenching and inspirational array of songs that touch all those who are willing to open their hearts and minds. Besides writing, Jon is also a highly experienced producer and sound engineer. Jon currently has 3 solo albums to his name – Afterthoughts, Archives and his most recent release, Been on a Journey.

Listening to Jon Fro is always an experience, his captivating presence and magnetic personality shines through not only in his music, but the way he pulls his audience into every song making each live show truly unique. Paired together with his influential lyrics and unique songwriting reminiscent of such legends as Neil Young, Gordon Gano and Kurt Cobain.

If you haven’t already experienced Jon Fro, then you have not experienced what it truly means to understand the beauty and passion of a true musical artist. Jon Fro will not only bring you musical contentment, but will leave you searching for your own inspiration in life.

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