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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Nikki Jones

We are a new blues rock band here in salem oregon. We do originals and covers. We do anything from robert johnson to cage the elephant.

Vocalist Nikki Jones is one of the Pacific Northwest's most exciting new talents to arise in recent years. Born in Beavercreek, Oregon, to a family of musicians, she has been singing and playing from an early age. In 2015 she began singing with bands in Portland, and in 2017 she moved to Salem, Oregon, where she assembled a group of talented singers and musicians that came to be known collectively as Riven. They performed all over Oregon at venues in Salem, Keizer, Newberg, and Dallas, before eventually making their way to Portland in May 2018 to compete in the Journey to Memphis competition. This event marked the beginning of Nikki's own journey from rocker to blues singer, under the guidance of gospel blues singer extraordinaire Rae Gordon. In spring 2019, after numerous personnel changes which left her as the band's sole lead vocalist, she began performing under her own name. Nikki and her band will be appearing in Portland this May in the 2019 Journey to Memphis competition.

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