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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st


Sove's music combines traditional folk tunes with a poetic indie feel creating raw and intimate experiences between the music and listener.

Sove's music uses traditional folk instruments such as banjo, baritone ukulele, and mandolin that produce an authentic feel in every performance; included is a conventional classical instrument, the cello, which produces an additional warm and inviting atmosphere. The lyrics are deeply metaphorical and touch on issues personal to the artist including mental illness, struggles in relationships, and gun laws. Though the artist has her own implications with each song, the metaphors and abstractions that develop can and have been interpreted in many different ways to the listeners ears.
The sound's mood ranges from melancholy and relaxing to rhythmic and upbeat. Throughout the album Apparent Horizon offers a diversity of instruments which keeps each song fresh while still maintaining a clear theme of personal reflection. Other instruments included are the tin flute, jaw harp, bongos, harmonica, and hand percussion. As Sove only has two hands, the performances are limited to a couple of instruments (with the help of other performers) like bass, guitar, and uke/mandolin/cello/singer, but the music remains engaging as it strengthens a personal connection between the performer and the audience.
The music creates a spectrum of atmosphere from haunting, to authentic, to adventurous. Though the music itself is aesthetically pleasing, each song with each listen redevelops as nuances allow the listener new interpretations or feelings - you, as a listener, are an artist too.

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