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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Lords of Blackpool

British Invasion Rock & Roll.

There are Tribute Bands all over the globe. It's a thing. Original rock music bands, unless they're rich and famous, generally perform in the shadows. Their friends come to see them, and download their music. They might make beer money. "Lords Of Blackpool" are four musicians from original, beer money bands. They came together in early 2018 to jam 60's British Rock, over a shared love for Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Hollies, Yardbirds, Badfinger -- all the cool stuff. In a sense, they're a rebel band. The Lords focus on b-sides and obscure album tracks. Stuff you might not know. Songs that could be, y'know, ORIGINAL. That means they might not be welcomed into the ranks of heralded tribute bands. But the Lords are defiant. They don't seem to care. But damn, they rock, and they sing real good. They also make no effort to look like 20-year old British war babies circa 1964. They're Americans.
It's the 21st Century. Yet somehow -- black magic, maybe? --Lords Of Blackpool manage to conjure what those redcoat aliens were all about. It's fun to watch. The Lords are ascendant.

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