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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st


My music is considered conscious hip hop. My messages are positive and directed at everyone.

Virtue is an aspiring hip hop artist, born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has since relocated to the Pacific Northwest, transplanting himself in Oregon. His mission with his life and his music is to experience, learn from, help, educate, empower and entertain as many people as possible. Through the ups and downs in his life, he has developed an affinity for writing in a way that talks to the listener on a personal level. “I kind of see myself as the peoples’ emcee.”, he says, half jokingly.

Virtue has a passion for life, music, words, rhyme and poetry. Becoming a lyricist and playing with rhyme schemes based around his life experiences has been fun and rewarding for him. “Therapy” as he likes to call it. Through the years Virtue has gained quite a name and reputation for himself. He is well known for his quick witted rhyme schemes, philosophical, conscious or “real” lyrics, his in-depth attention to detail when writing, his hard work, dedication, and determination for success for himself and everyone else involved. As a result he has released a few albums with two new ones in the works. They are:

-Skynny G- Budlife Fo Life LP (2000)
-Skynny G- Nursery Highz EP (2001)
-Virtue- On A Mission EP (2005)
-Virtue- The Reala LP (2009)
-Virtue- DisConnected EP (2016)
-Virtue- ReConnected EP (2020)
-Virtue- The Realionaire (TBA)

Currently, Virtue is working on two new releases. The ReConnected EP and The Realionaire LP. ReConnected is the highly anticipated follow up to DisConnected. DisConnected and ReConnected are a two-part project that Virtue started in 2016 and plans to finish in 2020. DisConnected has already been released and is available for sale. ReConnected is scheduled for release early 2020, whereas The Realionaire does not have a release period planned at this time.

Virtue has spent the past 23 years writing, producing, and performing his music with many of his fellow local artists. His live performances have placed him in almost every music venue in downtown Salt Lake City and at bigger venues, such as Club Vegas, The Avalon Theater, Murray Theater, Club Sound, The Complex, The Great Saltair, and numerous other events in Utah, California, Oregon and Montana. He has shared the stage, co-headlining with Andre Nickatina and opening for other national acts such as Tech N9ne, Public Enemy, Devin The Dude, Jedi Mind Tricks, Sean Price, Grayskul, Ill Bill and Mickey Avalon.

Besides the music itself, Virtue has managed and promoted himself since he started. Being determined for success, he is an aggressive promoter and has made quite a name for himself on his local scenes as well as on social media.

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