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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Sweet N' Juicy

We play Songwriter Funk. People pleasing party music... In Fruit Suits

Sweet n' Juicy formed in 2017 with the intention of creating Songwriter-Funk, people-pleasing music. They have backed Grammy Award winners, comedians, and local celebrities while playing host to a weekly variety show in their hometown of Portland, Oregon. Individually members have been on Warped tour, MTV, High Times Magazine, co-written music with Blondie, and have been session musicians for dozens of records. They just released a full length concept record "The Adventures of Sweet N' Juicy" on which they brought in guests LaRhonda Steele, Matt Katz-Bohen (keyboardist from Blondie), Atiba Motta (drummer from Public Enemy), Steve Kortyka (saxophonist for Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett), Brian Forbes (Latin Grammy winning producer/guitarist), and more! The record explains their origins as fruits and how they came together.

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