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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Orgelkids USA

Orgelkids: one of the few ways the King of Instruments can be part of the Joyful Noise on June 21!

Orgelkids is a 133 piece kit that empowers the public to engage with the pipe organ and its repertoire by empowering them to build a working, 2 octave, 2 rank, hand pumped organ in just 30 minutes. Mozart called the pipe organ The King of Instruments.

We deployed Orgelkids at a local Farmers' Market in Corvallis in 2017 ( for Make Music Day, inviting local organists to stop by and serenade the public on the miniature organ, and in Salem in 2018 at the Carousel. We propose to invite the public to build Orgelkids and make their own music on it for Make Music Day 2019. If we're in the vicinity of a full size organ... perhaps we could arrange for that organ to be playing and open to the public as well.

Genre: Music in the Making. Audience Participation.

Performances on Make Music Day

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