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In honor of Make Music San Jose, our friends at the Children’s Discovery Museum have designed fun music-themed activities for kids to do at home.  Visit the Virtual Purple Museum for more activities. Tag your creations and experiments: #VirtualPurpleMuseum  #PurpleMuseumCreations  #30YearsOfDiscovery #MakeMusicSanJose


Make a Shaker Percussion Instrument 

Do you want to be a musician? Good news, making music is easy! And so is making your very own shaker to accompany your song. Percussion instruments produce sound through vibration, so if you hit, scrape, rub, or shake the instrument, it makes a sound! Download instructions at the Virtual Museum.

Image of paper roll shaker


Let’s Get Creative! – Create a Painting Inspired by Music

Let the music move you, or better yet, your paintbrush. We’ll explore how music affects our moods and the art we create. This is a great activity for emotional awareness. How does the music make you feel? Is it influencing your art? Grab a paint brush and tune into your artistic voice. What will you create?

Materials Needed: thick paper or cardboard, any kind of paint, paintbrush(es)

Don’t have a paintbrush or paint? DIY brushes and paint instructions and ideas will be shown at the end of the video.

Grade Level: K-5


Science is Everywhere: Home Edition – Sensational Sounds Waves

Shhh! Can you hear that? The way things sound to our ears depends on a number of factors such as what the sound is traveling through. In the first of our three-part sound experiment series, we’ll explore how sounds travel through liquids, like water. It’ll be nothing but good vibrations as we splash around exploring sound waves!

Materials Needed: sink, 3 identical glasses, wooden spoon, towel

Grade Level: K-5


Let’s Get Creative! – Music Notes = Art? 

The visual arts and performing arts have always influenced each other. Roy Lichenstein, a leading pop culture artist in the second half of the 20th century, beautifully integrated music into his paintings and drawings. We’ll find our creative muse at this intersection of music and drawing to create our own artwork inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s “Composition” Series. 

Materials Needed: white paper, black marker, color markers, color pencils, or color crayons (red, yellow, blue)

Grade Level: K-5


Science is Everywhere: Home Edition – Sensational Sound Waves Solids, Air, and Pitch

We’re rolling with day two of sensational sound waves! It’s time to experiment with pitch — how high or low the frequency of the sounds waves are. We’ll test different solid materials and play with their lengths. Do you think changing materials and lengths will alter what we hear? Stay tuned! This experiment can get loud, so be ready for some sound excitement!

Materials Needed: small book (hardback is best), rubber band, 2 pens or pencils, one straw, scissors

Grade Level: K-5


Toddler Fun! (In Vietnamese) – Musical Shakers

Children love to make music and the benefits are huge, including fine motor skill coordination and language development. We invite your little one to shake, rattle and roll and create their very own musical shaker out of everyday materials.

Materials Needed: empty water bottle, beans/rice/buttons/pebbles, tape Optional Decoration: paper, scissor, color pencils/crayons, stickers, ribbons​


Let’s Get Creative – Create a Musical Score with One Simple Continuous Line

Music and movement! Line up and try your hand at drawing musical notes and instruments with one continuous line. Sound difficult? Not to worry, follow along and you’ll learn techniques for how to draw shapes without lifting your marker from the paper.

Materials Needed: white paper (1-4 pieces), black marker

Grade Level: K-5


Science Everywhere: Home Edition – Seeing Sound Waves

Our ears tell us sound waves are real, but we all know the phrase, “Seeing is believing.” Is there a way to see these good vibrations? With some simple kitchen materials, you just might be surprised.

Materials Needed: bowl, plastic wrap, rubberband, rice (or tiny dry objects)

Grade Level: K-5


Toddler Fun! (In Vietnamese) – Water Xylophone Experiment

Surround yourself with sound and make your own water xylophone in this fun experiment. Explore pitch and listen to the different sounds water glasses make depending upon the water level. Does more water make the sound higher or lower? Color up some kitchen science and have a blast!

Materials Needed: 6 identical clear glasses, food coloring (red, blue, and yellow), water, measuring cup, wooden or metal or plastic spoon