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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Samantha McKaige

Singer-songwriter making sweet noise with her guitar and defying all genre boundaries with her Americana, folk, R&B and alt-rock sound.

Samantha was a musician before she could walk and made it her New Year's resolution at age 6 to master the guitar. She has held fast to that guitar (and her songwriting notebook), as she moved from Seattle to California to Idaho and back to Seattle again.

Her journeys and heartaches have inspired lyrics that reflect insights and maturity well beyond her years and capture timeless, deeply human sentiments. Paired with brilliantly crafted melodies and on-point vocal ornamentation, Samantha's live performances often result in teary eyes, chills and standing ovations.

Paired with her originals, Samantha performs uniquely arranged covers of her favorite musicians, such as CAAMP, Ezra Bell, The Lumineers, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Billie Elish.

Samantha can perform as a solo act, a small acoustic ensemble, or as a full band.

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