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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Phil and the Osophers

Rhythmic, surfy, garagy with well thought out, philosophical lyrics.

Phil and the Osophers is the musical moniker of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Philip Radiotes. Originally from San Francisco, Phil (and original bandmates Kevin Estrada and Gus Iversen) contacted a lady on Craigslist who needed her Volvo station wagon driven across the country. Fresh off a blown head gasket, with no A/C and 200,000+ miles into its life, the Volvo looked perfect for adventure. The three hopped in, and spurred that old wagon across this great country, eventually settled in Brooklyn to pursue their artistic endeavors.

Phil and the Osophers have released work ranging from deeply personal, Dylan-esque solo bedroom folk to rhythmic, African-inspired, garage-influenced indie rock with Talking Heads quirk. As one would expect from such a band name, philosophical ideas are the lyrical focus. Radiotes’ powerful lyrics encompass revelatory, visionary, and transformative themes, built upon a foundation of novel musical ideas.

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