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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Annie Nirschel

Singer/songwriter Annie Nirschel is as loud as she is short. She is based in Brooklyn, and just generally happy to be anywhere.

Annie Nirschel is an excited folksy/pop singer and songwriter living in Brooklyn, NY. For years, she has preformed her original music all over the country in concerts, festival, parades, and most frequently, the corners of seedy basement bars.

She debuted her first album, "Honest Mistakes", in 2013 (don't listen to it), and her recent singles, "Biggest Joke" and "Summer Boys" are available on spotify (you can check them out). Annie's new album, "Bad Times", (produced and created by WonderPark studios) in Gowanus, will be out late summer, 2019.

Annie is a vibrant and enthusiastic performer; if you don't like her music, you are certain to appreciate the awkward, uncomfortable banter between each song.

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