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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Misophonic Ensemble

Hello. I'd love to play some solo improvised electronic music as part of your MMNY event.

Misophonic Ensemble is a solo project of guitarist Jason Malmström. In this case, however, strings and pickups are replaced by samplers and drum machines. Bits and pieces are collected from the worlds of hip-hop & post-punk / jazz & noise / modern classical & classic rock. Everything is reconfigured through various filters (including krautrock, trap, and post-rock) and colored by bespoke melodies (and ends up sounding not very much like any of the above).

This will be the fifth year that Jason is taking part in MMNY, and as in years past, this set promises to be less of a formal performance and more of a musical enhancement as people enjoy the start of summer.

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