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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Room 237

We draw influences from all kinds of rock music from hardcore, punk, metal, nu-metal, hard rock, southern rock, and even a little hip-hop.

Room 237 began as a project among 5 friends in college back in August 2000. The goal of the band was to play fun, heavy music with a high-energy live show. In the early years the band saw many line-up changes and got to open up for national rock acts like Hatebreed, Dope, Vanilla Ice(when he was touring the rock circuit). Some years later the band settled on the lineup that still exists today and recorded their first proper demo “Back To The Basement.” The sounds on this recording capture elements from all of their metal, rock, and hardcore influences. After taking some time off, the band recently resumed playing again and are now sporadically playing shows and writing new material.

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