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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Catahoula Cajun Band

Northern Fried Cajun! The two steps and waltzes of Southern Louisiana with a little country music in the mix for good measure.

Catahoula Cajun Band is a New York based group that plays Cajun dance music of Southern Louisiana. While all the band members hail from north of the Mason-Dixon line, their love of rocking two steps, sweet waltzes, and soulful blues of Acadiana inspired them to bring their Northern take on this Southern sound to the parks, streets, and subway platforms of New York. Their aim is to brighten the days of their fellow commuters with these toe- tapping infectious rhythms - and perhaps inspire a pop-up Louisiana dancehall on a street corner or two! Band Members: Julie Winterbottom on accordion, Anne ; vocals and guitar, Deborah Monlux; fiddle, and Frank Luschinsky on bass, Scott Fine; percussion/drums.

Cajun Music could be considered a kind of fusion between French, American, and Country music, as over the years, many people from other cultures intermingled, adding their own spice to the mix. With addition of the fiddle, triangle (called Tit fer) and accordion, this music became nicknamed “French Music” and, over the years, inherited influences from African rhythms, Creole, blues, and improvisational singing techniques. Root and spirit of this music stems from Cajuns whom played at home gatherings, clearing out all the furniture and bringing in musicians who would play until early in the morning in celebration of life, or
"la joie de vivre.”

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