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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Dan Nelson/The Contention

All original Rock and Roll duo from New York with classic covers added into each set

Dan Nelson is a singer/songwriter/musician and producer from Long Island New York. Raised on the sounds of Elvis and Johnny Cash Dan has always loved music from a very young age.

He is currently the singer, songwriter and guitarist for his band Dan Nelson and The Contention. A band who's diverse mix of blues, country, rock and alternative seamlessly blends together to form a sound that is both infectious and familiar to ears of all ages.

With a set that includes both Dans originals, as well as his own take on classics by rock, country and punk icons such as The Doors, The Stones, Johnny Cash, Elvis and Iggy Pop, to name a few. The audience is never left unsatisfied, but always hungry for more.

Dans diversity in music has allowed him to perform, tour globally, write and record with many known names and international acts such as lead vocalist for both Anthrax and BlackGates (featuring Paul Bostaph of Slayer), various recording and media projects with both AJ Pero and Mark "the animal" Mendoza of Twisted Sister, as well productions with members of UFO and Guns N' Roses.

Dan Nelson is also the co-writer on eight songs from the Anthrax album Worship Music (2011) as well as the song “Crawl” from the band’s EP Anthems (2013).

In addition, Dan has also provided music and production for both the WCW and WXO Pro Wrestling organizations.

He has been a part of many movie soundtracks and also has dipped his foot into the acting pool on more than one occasion. A few of his credits include "Once upon a Time in Brooklyn (featuring legendary rapper/actor Ice T), "Brutal Massacre: A Comedy (featuring a star studded cast of horror icons), "House Call" as well as the upcoming "The Regret Cycle" and "Mr. Wonderful".

Dan Nelson's current music is ready to take the world by storm. And Dan can play for any audience, be it solo, duo, trio or as full ensemble production...ready at all times, for any show or occasion.

Now, along with The Contention and longtime drummer Phil (The Ghost) Deluxe, he has begun work on his first full length solo release. An early 2019 release is planned...With shows and tours to follow soon after. To create and entertain is the end goal, and the goals have only begun to be ascertained. So you will definitely want to keep an ear out for what’s to come.

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