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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Myla Hardie

Myla’s own folk music with melodic harmonies and African rhythms blended with European compositions defining of the genre, Americana.

Myla Hardie was born in Hollywood, California and raised in the middle of the bustling live music scene of Austin, Texas, USA. Since childhood she has been influenced by father and Texas singer-songwriter, Michael Hardie, who started her on piano before she could walk or talk. Her first band was string quartet, Worldhaus, as a violist with now-renowned violinist, Warren Hood where they had a weekly gig on the legendary 6th street in Austin together at the ages of 15 playing everything from Beethoven to Beatles.

Moving to New York City at an early age of 17, she formed her first band of original compositions, “The Myla Hardie Band” in 2003. In partnership with Brazilian drummer and percussionist, Duda Guedes, she released her debut album the same year, “In the Heart Of”. She lived the next 10 years in the Big Apple performing and recording. Myla produced her father’s album, “Waiting for Perfection” with audio engineer Marc Urselli, who won a Grammy for his work with guitarist Les Paul. On this record, Myla also recorded piano next to studio greats such as: bassist Chuck Rainey, guitarist Milton Hopkins (Lightnin’s cousin), New York City guitarist and harmonica player Jon Paris.

Now with 25 years of professional music experience on stage and off, having lived in Berlin, Germany and now in the Southern Brazilian capital of Porto Alegre, one can hear these influences in Myla’s own folk music through melodic harmonies and African rhythms blended with European compositions which naturally results in today’s definition of the genre, Americana.

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