Make Music

2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st

Lin Sing Manhattan Music and Dance Association

Our group is multi-disciplinary, which involves music, dance, sing and occasionally magic show to our community. May have a comedian.

Many musicians and performers are amateurs, who get together at least once a week to practice and prepare for this event. Among the instruments used are violin, accordion, organ, percussion, drum, flute, ErHu, Banjo, Yang Qin, Shen and etc. The Erhu master, Mr. Zhang Bao-Li will be leading three ensembles: 1) Music In The Air (American) ; 2) My Heart Yearning To Sing (Chinese Folk); 3) Golden Snake Dance (Cantonese Music).
Our group also caters various types of dancing; ranging from social dance, minority folk , square dance, line dance, to other nationality dance. The dance instructor, Ms. Vera Lai- Buonora had choreographed five different dances for this event. There are 1) Cotton Eye Joe (Western Cowboy Dance); 2) Chinese Style (Minority Dance); 3) Orchid Flowers Blossoming (FoIk Dance); 4) The Song Of LiuYang River (Tradition Dance); and 5) Wind Blown Purple Bamboo (Cantonese Dance).
In addition to that, a choir with the help of a professional conductor, will be singing a couple of chorals. Ms. Tian Li, will be conducting two chorals namely: 1) Mesmerizes Homeland (Lyrical song), and 2) Crescent Of The Moon ( Dramatic song). Nevertheless, this event is for some members to take the opportunity to make a debut, whether it is for solo singing, dancing or musical playing. We cannot find it in any other event and always looking forward to make a breakthrough artistically in this year Make Music New York.

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