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2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st


My music is for the soul. I tell stories through my music and look to inspire.

A Dominican kid brought up in the Bronx -- Anthony Aquino better known as AQ The G.O.D is a Millennial like no other.
The proud accounting graduate is unexpectedly a story-teller. His inspiration began with "I'm The Man" by J. Cole at 16, "because it wasn't about cars and money" and AQ hasn't stopped
rapping his truth ever since. He considers his life work to be inspiring everyone to do better and chase their own dreams. Having played to audiences from Mexico to New York. AQ's singles "To My City" and "Difference" can be found on all major platforms. He has his mind set on 12 new singles for 2019. AQ may go hard on music, but backstage he wants you to know -- he's a softie for chocolate chip cookies.

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