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Join us on June 21 between 5 and 6pm on 10 different facebook pages!!!

A Touch of Glass Studio
Joe Jones  – A Life that Pleases the Lord 5:30
Pam Gusmer  – Always Remember Us 5:32
Pam Gusmer, Tim Koll, ensemble – You Don’t Bring me Flowers 5:36
Pam Gusmer, Tim Koll, Mike H. – Shallow 5:40
Acacia Rank – Niagara Falls (Faber) 5:44
Carmen Riebel – Open Up the Heavens (Rozier and McDonald) 5:46
Ann Huntoon and David Hastings – Rainbow Connection (Kenny Ascher / Paul Hamilton Williams) 5:49

Aquamos Coffee Collaborative
Mike Barden – Untitled 5:00
Marci Beaucoup – Carry On (original) 5:05
Ryan Tomski and Jasmine Johanna – (original) 5:09
HRRB Band – Change the World (Eric Clapton) 5:12
Smitten Kitten – 9-5 5:16
Pacappellas – What Did I know (Sheeran, Vance, McDaid) 5:21
Jeff Lamarche – Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell) 5:26
Hillary Reynolds and Ted Toussaint – Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac) 5:28

Little Fat Gretchen’s
Hillary Reynolds and Ted Toussaint – Time After Time (Cindy Lauper) 5:00
Marci Beaucoup Fran Rademacher – On Our own (original) 5:04
Fran and Reinal – Chicken-gut Gumbo 5:08
Pat Wiley/John Wilson – Sugar Shack 5:12
Tae – How Could I Go 5:15
Acacia Rank – Kumbaya (Traditional) 5:20
Fran Rademacher and Crow Wright – Long Black Veil (Danny Dill/Marijohn Wilkin) 5:22
Clara Dunne and Martha Duerr – Anitra’s Dance, Grieg 5:26
Michael David – Etzwiller Chopin 5:28
HRRB Band – Let It Grow (Eric Clapton) 5:31

Memaw’s Local Crafters, LLC
Carmen Riebel Medley: Let There be Peace on Earth (Jackson/Miller), Put a Little Love in Your Heart (DeShannon/Holiday/Myers), Wonderful World (Douglass and Weiss) 5:00
Del Weed – Glue Factoroo 5:04
Hillary Reynolds and Ted Toussaint – You’ve Got a Friend (Carole King) 5:07
Carmen Riebel and Wanda Eikenbary – Quiet (from Matilda, by Tim Minchin) 5:12
Fran and Reinal – Sunshine On the Moon 5:15
HRRB Band – Get Together (Chester Powers / Chester William Jr. Powers) 5:21
Jeff Lamarche – Untitled, original 5:27

Northern Home
Baba/Reyno – Blackbird (Lennon McCartney) 5:00
Stanton West – Whistle whilst you Work 5:01
Ellen Martinson – Rock And Roll, improv 5:05
Virtual Madrigal Choir – My Bonnie Lass She Smileth (Morley) In the Merry Month of May (Youll) All Creatures Now are Merry Minded (Bennet) 5:07
Pat Wiley – Life’s Sweet Song 5:14
Acacia Rank – Theme from Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov) 5:18
Ellen Martinson – You Raise Me Up (Lovland/Graham) 5:20
Fran and the Grands – Little impromptu song! 5:24

The Bookcellar
Smitten Kitten – Sunshine 5:00
Del Weed – Spreadin’ the V 5:04
Aaron Lee Kaplan – Black Mountainside (Led Zeppelin) 5:06
HRRB Band – Have You Ever Seen Rain (John Fogerty) 5:07
HRRB Band – Imagine (John Lennon) 5:10
Deb and Mark Gehrke – Winds of Change (Now is the time to Rise) 5:17
Marci and Fran – Illegal Smile (John Prine) 5:23
Lindsay Tomski – Case of You (Joni Mitchell) 5:27

Waupaca Area Arts and Culture Network
Aaron Lee Kaplan – I Can’t Breathe (original) 5:00
Clara Dunne – Clementi Sonata in F# minor, Second Movement, Lento e Patetico 5:03
WHS Madjazzers and Alumni – Give me Music (Thompson) 5:07
Smitten Kitten – Libra Logic 5:12
Del Weed – When I Go (I’ll just be gone) 5:16
HRRB Band – Tuesday Afternoon (Justin Hayward) 5:21
Hillary Reynolds and Ted Toussaint – Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty) 5:24
Marci and Fran – Hello in There (John Prine) 5:27

Waupaca Area Public Library
Ron Reynolds – That’s Life (Kay and Gordon) 5:00
Sylvie, age 7 – Cuckoo, German Folk Song 5:04
Anya – I Want you Back (Michael Jackson) 5:05
Clara Dunne – Polynnase in G Minor, Frederic Chopin 5:08
Pat Wiley – Dreamcatcher 5:10
Victor Martinson, Ellen Martinson – Stars from Les Miserables Claude Michel Schonberg / Alain Albert Boublil / Herbert Kretzmer 5:13
Amy Rausch – Dust in the Wind (Kerry Livgren / Kerry A Livgren) 5:17
Marci and Fran – That’s the Way the World Goes Round (John Prine) 5:20

Waupaca Community Arts Board
Calvin Stults – Sea Story (Faber) 5:00
Calvin Stults – Ode to Joy (Beethoven) 5:02
Isabelle Fletcher – Japanese Head Roll (original) 5:03
Isabelle Fletcher – Firefly (Faber) 5:04
Isabelle Fletcher – Rain Rain Go Away (Faber) 5:06
Morgan Rademacher – The Busy Mill (Michael Aaron) 5:08
Morgan Rademacher – Music Hour (Michael Aaron) 5:09
Dhara Martin – The Grumpy Old Troll (Faber) 5:10
Dhara Martin – Forest Dreams (Faber) 5:11
Dhara Martin Lost Boy (Ruth B.) 5:13
Carson Wood – Baby Face (Benny Davis/Harry Akst) 5:17
Carson Wood – Dill Pickle Stomp (Nancy Faber) 5:18
Carson Wood – God Bless the Child (Arthur Herzog Jr/Billie Holiday) 5:20
Maxx Akright – Spanish Caballero (Faber) 5:23
Maxx Akright – Whistle Stop Blues (Nancy Faber) 5:25
Acacia Rank – Lost (Elissa Milne) 5:27
Acacia Rank – Song of the Dark Woods (Elie Siegmeister) 5:29
Elissa Stults – The Sparkling Brook (Margaret Goldston) 5:31

Waupaca Historical Society
Barb Achten – Dream a Little Dream of Me (Fabian Andre / Gus Kahn / Wilbur Schwandt) 5:00
Joe Jones Family – I Found a Horseshoe (traditional) In the Evening by the Moonlight (Bland) 5:03
Peter Forseth – Satin Doll 5:06
Ron Reynolds – Come Fly with Me (Van Heusen/Cahn) 5:09
Dave and Anne Wright – Inisheer 5:12
WHS Men’s Choir – Bound for the Promised Land (Crocker) 5:17
Amy Rausch – Yesterday (Lennon/McCartney) 5:20

Over 80 videos of a wide variety of genres….all musicians we know and love, all playing music for us! 10 concerts!

Master Schedule will be posted soon on our Make Music Day FB page and our website:

You can tune in to a concert, then click over to another, and watch all 10 because once they are posted, they are posted!!!!!