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Printable Schedules are Available

We have created a one-page (two-sides) schedule that shows all 63 performances and 22 venues participating in Make Music Day Worcester.  Click on the link below to download and print.

Make Music Day Printable Schedule


Worcester Song Contest – Voting is Now Open!

Make Music Worcester is partnering with Jane Jacobs in the Woo  to hold a Worcester theme song writing contest, in conjunction with Make Music Day Worcester.  Go to the Jane Jacobs in the Woo YouTube page listen to the songs, and “like” your favorite.


Make Music Worcester is an annual free, outdoor day of music held on the summer solstice, June 21.

Completely different from a typical music festival, Make Music is open to anyone who wants to take part. Every kind of musician — young and old, amateur and professional, of every musical persuasion — pours onto streets, parks, plazas, and porches to share their music with friends, neighbors, and strangers. All of it is free and open to the public.

Make Music Day began in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 750 cities in 120 countries.

Make Music Worcester invites all members of the Worcester community to join in the celebration of live music by performing, hosting musical acts, and attending the free concerts and programs.

Make Music Worcester is being presented by The Worcester Arts Council in partnership with WICN and Music Worcester.


Contact Us

Want to learn more about Make Music Worcester?   Would you like to volunteer or tell us about your programming ideas.

Get in touch with us at



Volunteers: Make Music Worcester is still looking for volunteers who are willing to help us with our event.  If you are willing to spend a few hours listening to music in a cool Make Music Worcester Tshirt, please email us at and we’ll see you on June 21st!


When we say, Performed by Anyone, Enjoyed by Everyone, we really mean it.  Make Music Worcester is seeking musicians of all skill levels who would like to perform or June 21, and venues who would like to host them.  Sign-ups close June 15.

To sign up as a performer or venue, click here to access the “match-making” service and follow these instructions:


2017 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st



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This program is supported by a grant from the Worcester Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.




Worcester Magazine




Additional Sponsors:  The City of Worcester, The Regional Environmental Council, Staples, Central Branch YMCA, Polar Beverages, Music Worcester


A little teaser

April 28, 2017

We know it seems quiet on the Make Music Worcester scene recently, but that’s only because we’ve been so hard at work making plans. Not to spoil the surprise, but there are some really cool announcements that will be happening in the very near future.  For any performers that have signed up, matchmaking will begin soon. Continue Reading »

Signing up in the Matchmaking System

April 16, 2017

Our information session at Brew on the Grid was so much fun. Thanks to all of the supporters and music organizations that attended and talked to us about your ideas for Make Music Day in Worcester. It’s great to have so much interest. We are very excited to begin matching performers and venues in theContinue Reading »

The Wheels are in Motion

April 3, 2017

It’s been 10 days since our “big announcement” of Make Music Day and we have been overwhelmed with the support of the Worcester community.  Make Music Worcester received 100 likes on facebook in the first 24 hours!  Worcester Magazine published a great article about the event last week which can be found on their website.  Performers andContinue Reading »

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Are you serious that anyone can perform?

Yes.  Make Music Day is meant for everyone, any age any ability.  If you have an instrument or a voice to share, we welcome you to sign up as a performer.  If you aren’t totally confident in your abilities as a performer, there are lots of opportunities to participate in group lessons, music jams, or sing-a-longs.  Everyone is welcome. 

Can my location be a Make Music Day venue?

Probably, yes.  We encourage outdoor music performances, but keep in mind that all performances are required to adhere to the City of Worcester sound ordinance found on the City website, and the street performer regulations.  Note there are special restrictions near schools, hospitals, courts, and medical offices.*  Performances in outdoor spaces also cannot block pedestrian access or cause any other public safety issues. 

Please note that all Make Music Day performance venues must be registered with the matchmaking website to be considered official.

*Performances in city parks are only allowed in designated Make Music Day performance locations.  To perform in a park, create a performer profile in the matchmaking website and request one of the park locations as a venue.

If you are unsure about whether your location is an acceptable venue, please contact us at

Can I get a venue with electricity?

Maybe.  The majority of locations where performances are to be held are in city parks, where there will not be electricity.  There will be a few select venue locations where power will be available, and we will do our best to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee power to everyone.  Please consider offering to give an acoustic performance if possible, even if it’s something you don’t usually do.  We’re all about trying new things on Make Music Day.

Is busking allowed in Worcester?

Short answer – yes, so long as you follow the rules.  Worcester’s street performer rules are part of the city ordinances [Chapter 12 Section 26(h)] found here on page 212.

When you register as a performer for Make Music Day at a venue in the matching system, we will do our best to ensure that the venue meets the requirements.  We will also have volunteers on hand to keep an eye on the crowd to make sure public ways are not being blocked.  You will still be responsible to make sure that you do not exceed the volume and signage limits.

If you choose to busk on a different day, you will have to ensure that your location is OK under the rules.  Note that performing in a city park is never allowed unless you have the permission of the Parks Department.

We hope that you will consider performing outside beyond Make Music Day.  Buskers bring vibrancy and fun to cities.


 The full text of the street performer rule:

(h) No person shall act or perform as an itinerant musician on any public street or private way shown on the official map of the city, or in any public park, playground, or the Worcester Common, where such person conducts such activity:

(1) within one hundred feet of any: (A) elementary or secondary school; (B) library; (C) church while in session; (D) hospital or nursing home; or, (E) other street performer or group of street performers; or,

(2) in such a manner as to block roadways, sidewalks, crosswalks, driveways, stairways, curb cuts, handicapped access ramps nor block access to buildings, parks, public conveyances, businesses, crosswalks, traffic control poles containing pedestrian crosswalk button(s), or within twenty feet of a fire hydrant or within five feet of any fire alarm or other emergency communication devise, including public telephones, either by the performer’s location, or by the location of any crowd that the performer may draw (for purposes of this ordinance “block” shall mean to reduce the width of an area for pedestrian passage or access to less than thirty-six inches or, in the case of motor vehicles, to an area less than twelve feet); or,

(3) on any portion of a public street which has been closed to usual vehicular or pedestrian traffic for any reason, except that where an authorized street fair or public festival is being conducted, such activities may be conducted only with the permission of the sponsor of such fair or festival; or,

(4) at any time outside of the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.; or,

(5) so as to generate noise exceeding a median sound level of eighty decibels measured at a distance of fifty feet from the performer or group of performers; or,

(6) where such activity is conducted within any public park, playground, or the Worcester Common, without the written permission of the Parks & Recreation Commission.

Nothing in this subsection (h) shall prevent any street performer from requesting contributions of money or property at a performance, provided that no sign requesting contributions shall exceed twelve inches by eighteen inches.

Woo Song Contest

Deadline for Submission: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Standells sing, “I love that dirty water” and Bostonians swell with pride for their city.  It’s time Worcester identifies a song or two that speaks to our love and feel of place! Local songwriters, prepare to take out your song writing pen and your own Woo-muse.

Jane Jacobs in the Woo and Make Music Day Worcester are pleased to announce a song contest to find a song or two that captures the personality of Worcester.  There will be two winners:  the People’s Choice Award will be given to the song that has the most votes from the public.  Additionally, Jane Jacobs in the Woo will be choosing a song for the weekly introduction of a new podcast to be launched in fall 2017.  Winners will be showcased at Make Music Day Worcester on June 21, 2017.  We hope there will be submissions from any and all music genres (classical, hip hop, rock, folk, etc).

Contest Rules: 

  • Prepare a youtube video and submit the video file or link (along with your name, contact information, and the lyrics, if any) by the deadline of June 14, 2017. Submissions should be sent to
  • Don’t worry, this is not a video contest. We are judging the song only.  Videos can be of you performing your song, or simply use a photo.
  • All submissions have some sort of Worcester theme or reference. Instrumental submissions are allowed.
  • By entering this contest, you acknowledge that this piece is your own composition. Jane Jacobs in the Woo and Worcester Arts Council reserve the right to use any submission for Make Music Day and on the podcast.
  • No limit on the number of submissions.
  • Contestants must be 18 years of age or older.

All valid submissions will be posted online for public viewing and voting from Thursday, June 15 to Sunday, June 18, 2017.  We can’t wait to see your entries.

Jane Jacobs in the Woo was founded in May 2016 to stimulate conversations and actions to build a vibrant Worcester.

Make Music Day Worcester is a  free, outdoor day of music held on the summer solstice, June 21.  Musicians of all ages and abilities and non-musicians alike are encouraged to join in to this celebration of music taking place at parks and venues all over the City of Worcester.  Make Music Day Worcester is supported by a grant from the Worcester Arts Council, a local agency, supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, and is presented in partnership with WICN FM and Worcester Magazine.  For more information on Make Music Worcester, check out our website