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Make Music Day Wyoming County will take place on June 21, the longest day of sunlight all year. It’s a worldwide event to celebrate music. This could mean listening to music, playing an instrument, or learning a new style of music! Singalongs, playalongs, drumalongs, or simply being in the audience is sufficient to be part of Make Music Day Wyoming County!

We had a great time with Make Music Day Wyoming County last year: here are stories from the Batavia Daily and the Wyoming County Free Press!

This year, the Arts Council for Wyoming County is celebrating our 2018 theme “traverse” throughout Wyoming County. That means our goal this year is to have a public music event in as many of our sixteen towns as we can! If you manage a venue, own a business, or are a musician – we want to hear from you! Look at the information below to get involved.

We are excited to Make Music part of your Day on June 21. 


About Us

Wyoming County is a rural county in the heart of Western New York. A county with sixteen towns, and we are also home to Letchworth State Park. We’re located about an hour from both downtown Buffalo and Rochester and over an hour from Corning.

This is the second year that we’ve served as the host of Make Music Day Wyoming County. 

For over forty years, the Arts Council for Wyoming County (ACWC) has created opportunities to bring arts into their rural communities through programming, grants, and art events. Located on Main Street Perry, the ACWC has produced the Letchworth Arts and Crafts Show, one of the largest and highest-rated shows in the region. The ACWC is also Wyoming County’s NYSCA Decentralization Site for Community Arts Grants. For more information on membership or advocacy in the arts, please visit

This year, Make Music Day Wyoming County was made possible through the support from Silver Lake Brewing Project.

We invite you to see what’s playing on Make Music Day Wyoming County. 




Welcome to Make Music Day Wyoming County!

2018 is the second year that Wyoming County is celebrating Make Music Day. We’re a rural county in Western New York that is home to Letchworth State Park, the Oatka Creek, Silver Lake, and acres of farmland. We’re also home to many musicians and artists. 

What is Make Music Day Wyoming County?

Through the Arts Council for Wyoming County, Make Music Day Wyoming County is providing a way for people to play music in public to share their art as well as learn new instruments. We consider it a day to celebrate music. 

Are you excited about performing or learning an instrument? 

Great! What you will want to do is email Pilar McKay at She will work to pair you with a venue or a group lesson event happening that day.

I’d love to teach an instrument – I play the harmonica, violin, piano, thermin or [insert instrument here]!

We are in need of teachers! Email Pilar McKay at, and we’ll get you a venue to teach your instrument. Thank you for sharing the gift of music!

Do you want to host musicians at your place of business or venue? 

It’s very easy. All you need to provide is a space, a plug, or even some instruments, you can be a Make Music Day Wyoming County venue. 

Please contact Pilar McKay at the Arts Council for Wyoming County at 

2019 Listings: Friday, June 21st



If you’d like offer financial support for this county-wide event, please contact the Arts Council for Wyoming County by calling (585) 237-3517 ext. 103. 


For more information or to volunteer, please email Pilar McKay at