Countdown to MMD 2023: Scale Challenge Week 4

Make Music Day

Welcome back to the MMD 2023 scale practice challenge, where we are practicing one major scale per week for 12 weeks leading up to Make Music Day 2023. We are getting there, this week we are one third of the way through all 12 major scales! I hope everyone who is following along is enjoying this work, and already feeling the benefit of this focused, disciplined work.

This week, we are playing Db major; all of the guidance from the previous weeks applies, so we will work thoughtfully, play slowly and with good tone, noticing in detail the places where we need to work on our tone, or where we need to go more slowly to keep pace with our thoughts. Once again, we will play each of the previous scales at least once per day, perfectly; if we make a misstep in a scale, we start again, until we have played it right—the tempo doesn’t matter here. To make it interesting, start to intersperse the other scales between this week’s Db scale. You might first play the scale of Db, then play G, Db again, then F, Db again, then Eb, and finish with Db. By doing this you are also working on technical and mental flexibility, which will certainly be very beneficial to your overall command of your instrument.

Thanks for doing this work with us! See you next week for the next key, and remember to tag us if you’re joining in this challenge, #makemusicpractice