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Last year, over 1,000 cities around the world threw citywide music celebrations on June 21.

It all started 38 years ago in France.

In 1982, France’s Ministry of Culture dreamed up an idea for a new kind of musical holiday. They imagined a day where free, live music would be everywhere: street corners and parks, rooftops and gardens, store fronts and mountaintops.

And, unlike a typical music festival, anyone and everyone would be invited to join and play music, or host performances. The event would take place on the summer solstice, June 21, and would be called Fête De La Musique. (In French, the name means both “festival of music” and “make music!”)

Amazingly enough, this dream has come true. The Fête has turned into a true national holiday: France shuts down on the summer solstice and musicians take over. Almost 8% of the country (5 million people) have played an instrument or sung in public for the Fête de la Musique.

Three decades later, the holiday has spread throughout the world and is now celebrated in more than 120 countries. In the U.S., the presenting sponsor is the NAMM Foundation.


Make Music New York 2007. Photo: Ethan Kent

Want to play? There’s always room in the band.

We invite musicians, rappers and instrumentalists of all kinds to collaborate on making June 21 a musical masterpiece. Singers, church choirs, jazz combos, rock bands, glee clubs, MCs, marching bands, mariachis, and every other kind of musician, of any age group or skill level, are all welcome.

How to Make Music on June 21

What are you waiting for? Just make music!
Use our poster generator to promote your event (whether live or virtual), and use the hashtag #makemusicday when you share it. On June 21, pull out your instrument and start playing. Piece of cake.

Or join a participatory project
where you can just bring your instrument – or yourself – and join in! Take a free live music lesson, play a song Live From Home, contribute to a Bedroom Studio, sing in the Heart Chant, or join one of this year’s many other featured national projects.

Just want to listen?
Check out the schedule of events from around the country, and tune in to the Global Livestream all day on June 21.
Bonus: If your hometown is already a Make Music city, you’re in luck! Click on your city’s website to register with them. You’ll benefit from their promotion and connect with local musicians and fans. If your city isn’t on board yet, click here to let us know about your event. And email matt@makemusicday.org if you are interested in starting a local chapter.


All Make Music concerts are free and open to the public.

Use the map below to find a celebration near you!

Outside of North America: Make Music UK, Make Music Lagos, and Make Music Nicosia. Other North American events are listed here.

Make Music Chapters


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National Partners

The Make Music Alliance thanks this year’s U.S. partners!

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Make Music Los Angeles
Make Music Los Angeles 2014. Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty

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