Make Music
Day Atlanta | June 21, 2022

2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Tialauna & The Royal Souls Band

Ready for a spectacular show? Add the outstanding artist Tialauna to your lineup! With a draw of at least 100+ fans at each performance, she is sure to contribute to the success of your event and leave the crowd with an everlasting impression of greatness. Tialauna has performed at other local festivals including The Sweet Auburn Music fest, The Black History Fest @ Greenbriar Mall,  The Taste Of Soul Festival, The Collard Green Festival, The Cherry Blossom Festival, and many more! Tialauna is a verified celebrity on Facebook, has an Instagram account with 100K+ active followers, has an email list for 10,000+ Atlanta residents, and has over 300,000 views on her most recent YouTube video.  Tialauna comes accompanied by a live band (@royalsoulsband) with a rhythm section, horn section, backup singers and dancers.  Performance Video: Instagram: @Tialauna @royalsoulsband

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