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Last year, over 1,000 cities around the world threw citywide music celebrations on June 21st for the annual Make Music Day, and we are proud to have Austin on that list.

It all started 38 years ago when France’s Ministry of Culture dreamed up an idea for a new kind of musical holiday. They imagined a day where free, live music would be everywhere: street corners and parks, rooftops and gardens, store fronts and mountaintops.

And, unlike a typical music festival, anyone and everyone would be invited to join and play music, and the event would take place on the summer solstice, June 21st.

Fast forward to today and Make Music Austin will join the international Make Music Day movement which brings free, community-wide, musical celebrations to over one-thousand cities worldwide!

Make Music Day in Austin will feature live, in-person as well as online celebrations of musicians of all abilities and music from any genre on Monday, June 21st.  Everyone is invited to participate in this international day of music by performing, teaching and learning, appreciating, or volunteering. It’s all for the love of music!

Make Music Austin is brought to you by local Austin businesses, organizations and musicians as part of our mission to inspire all people to participate and invest in the arts.

Still curious? Check out the national Make Music Site.

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Want to play? There’s always room in the band.

We welcome musicians from all genres, cultures, and ability to share your creativity with the shoppers and residents of Austin. We invite musicians, rock bands, instrumentalists, singers, jazz combos, glee clubs, MCs, marching bands, church choirs, rappers, mariachis, and every other kind of musician, of any age group or skill level, are all welcome. Bring your instrument to your next video conference call and serenade your co-workers!

If you are a business, venue or an artist, click here to get involved!

Got something share with a crowd?  From jam sessions to DJ lessons, samba workshops to a pop-up band, get in touch at!

Our generous sponsors want to celebrate your music making – so share your songs with us and each entry will qualify you for some amazing prizes!! Simply tag your live or recorded music with #makemusicdayaustin and you’ll have a chance to win!




MixMash Studios

Be a part of a unique musical composition on Make Music Day! You don’t have to be a musician to send in a sound sample for MixMash Studios – make a short recording of anything you find intriguing! Expert producers from all over the world will make original tracks on June 21 out of these crowdsourced samples. Visit to contribute!

Ever wanted an inside look at music production? This Make Music Day, you can contribute a short recording of any sound you like – from barking dogs to basslines – and watch how an expert producer transforms it into music. Go to to submit!

#MixMashStudios #MakeMusicDay #MMD2021





Track Meet


Join composers, producers and songwriters from around the world in the second annual collaborative race against the clock.

Over the course of six hours, teams of four musicians will create brand new original tracks in a creative relay. Using the virtual audio workstation SoundTrap, each musician will get exactly one hour to add their contribution before the next teammate takes over. At the end of the day, we will bounce each team’s track and host them online for everyone to hear.

This year, Track Meet will feature a special instrument: the musical leaf! Each team will begin their collaborative relay with a pre-recorded track by an expert leaf player, layering their musical contributions on these unique beginnings.

Interested in joining in? CLICK HERE! Register by June 10th!


Want to listen to a few Track Meet Teams from 2020? Click here!





Music Lesson Marathon

Make Music Day is the perfect opportunity to shake the dust off your instrument and start playing again, or to pick up an instrument for the first time.

Need a hand? This June 21, national brands and partners will be curating day-long marathons of live, free, online group lessons taught by dozens of master musicians on a wide array of instruments. Jump around to sample different instruments, or binge on your favorite! There are offerings for all ages, and all skill levels – from beginning to advanced.

Click on the links below to explore the schedule!

Music Lesson Marathon

presented by JupiterEight hours of masterclasses from Jupiter’s world-renowned trumpet, trombone and tuba artists cover fundamental brass techniques, jazz improvisation, creative practicing strategies, and the big picture of life as a musician.
presented by Hohner
Interactive Children’s Music
presented by Nuvo and Slippery Rock UniversityJoin Nuvo Instrumental and Slippery Rock University for six hours of interactive children’s music! Activities will alternate between general music experiences and an introduction to NUVO instruments. You can join in at any time and all ages are welcome.
Music Production
presented by Dance Music InitiativeDance Music Initiative (DMI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to collectively inspire creativity through dance music culture. We are a collective of dance music enthusiasts who pool their resources and knowledge to support others in their musically creative endeavors. DMI inspires others through instruction, mentoring, and sharing.
presented by Music Teacher National AssociationJoin Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) for a series of virtual piano lessons on Make Music Day via Zoom! Teachers from across the country will present a variety of lesson topics for beginner students of all ages. Participants should plan to be near an acoustic piano or digital keyboard when attending these lessons.
presented by FlightFlight Ukulele are putting on 12 hours of ukulele lessons and workshops for players of all skill levels. The workshops will be delivered by our diverse range of talented Flight Uke Crew artists and teachers. Check us out at @flightukulele and on YouTube at Flight Ukulele.



Flowerpot Music

Music on June 21 can come from anyone, anywhere, and anything – even flowerpots.

Flowerpot Music, written by celebrated composer Elliot Cole and directed by percussionist Peter Ferry, is a composition for an unlikely but beautiful percussion instrument – the flowerpot! Join a group and create outdoor soundscapes through easy-to-learn games, appropriate for musicians and non-musicians alike.

On June 21st, groups around the world will assemble in parks, fields and public squares, with safe social distance, to learn and then premiere the piece, specially composed for Make Music Day.

This year Austin is proud to host a Flowerpot Music event at the Dimension Gallery Sculpture Garden. Click here to join the performance!



2020: A Look Back

In 2020, when the original plans for the premiere were upended by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cole and Ferry created a special online version of the composition. Performances by over two dozen groups from around the United States were live-streamed continuously for 9 hours on June 21st. Here’s a glimpse of the performance!

Flowerpot Music: Stay-At-Home Book (Make Music Day 2020)


If you would like to have your business sponsored at this event or if you have questions you can email