Make Music Big Bear

Make Music Big Bear

Make Music Big Bear is a live, free musical celebration on June 21, the longest day of the year, with concerts at our local businesses in the Village of Big Bear Lake.


Welcome to Make Music Big Bear!

The line up is all local talent, the venues are our local businesses, and the audience is all of us.

Make Music Day is a live, free musical celebration on June 21, the longest day of the year – the Summer Solstice. Launched in France 1982 as Féte de la Musique, it is now held on the same day in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries. Make Music Big Bear is participating for our fourth year.

Are We Growing Once Again! This year we have 15 Village businesses hosting over 75 musicians/bands on Village Drive, and Pine Knot Avenue. It’s all happening from 2 to 8 pm on Friday, June 21 in the Village of Big Bear Lake. Busking…. you mean street musicians, yes busking. I think you will find a bit of this also while walking about. This is all for our community enjoyment and your listening ears, so come on into town, enjoy free music, and help us celebrate Make Music Big Bear!

Our hosting venues are: The Elks Lodge, Old German Deli, Stella Luna, Oakside Restaurant and Bar, Amangela’s Sandwich and Bagel House, Queen Bee, Muchacos Tortilla Bar, Village Sports Bar, La Pergola Trattoria, Copper Q, A Christmas Store N More, Sotheby’s Real Estate, 572 Social Kitchen & Lounge, SoCalResorts/Compass Real Estate, and Nottinghams Tavern Outdoor Patio.

This year Copper Q will be hosting the popular Open Mic, with varied musicians every 30 minutes. Hey, if you play, sing, humm a toon, come on down and get your name on the list. Share your talent with us all.

We invite musicians, bucket drummers, and instrumentalists of all kinds to collaborate on making June 21 a huge musical celebration. Singers, church choirs, jazz combos, rock bands, glee clubs, MCs, marching bands, mariachis, and every other kind of musician, of any age group or skill level, are all welcome.

The Time Travel Madams gettin’ down at Nottinghams Tavern Patio Open Mic 2021.

The Current Lineup of Musicians

Bob Middleton and Robbie Bos jam it out during sound check at the main stage, while Tim Simms sets up a mic in 2021, our very first year. Yes, we have grown!

Things can change, so keep your eyes open, but this is the current lineup.

Make Music Big Bear 2024 Lineup:

2:00 pm. Rich Spaulding  –  2:00-3:00 – Old German Deli

                  Boswell Project  –  2:00-3:00  –  Stella Luna

                  Mike Cross  –  2:00-3:00  –  Amangala’s Sandwich & Bagel House Breezeway (west)

                Danny Wilson and the Roadkill Bluegrass Band  –  2:00-3:00  –  Queen Bee

                Drew Plakos  –  2:00-3:00  –  Muchachos Tortilla Bar

                  Kelsey Manning  –  2:00-3:00  –  Village Sports Bar

                  Steve Cain  –  2:00-2:45  –  Sotheby’s Real Estate

                  The Stagehands  –  2:00-3:00  –  572 Social Kitchen & Lounge (west)

                  Time Travel Madams  –  2:00-3:10  –  Nottinghams Tavern Patio

                  Intimate Worship  –  2:00-2:50  –  Elks Lodge

2:30 pm    Emily & Matt –  2:30-3:30  –  A Christmas Store & More

3:00 pm    Terry McRaven  –  3:00-4:00  –  Oakside Restaurant & Bar

                  Brad Riesau  –  3:00-4:30  –  Amangela’s Sandwich & Bagel House Breezeway (south)

                  David Graham  –  3:00-4:00  –  Queen Bee

                  The Gitty Ups  –  3:00-4:00  –  572 Social Kitchen & Lounge (east)

                  Loose Affiliates  –  3:00-4:00  –  SoCal Resorts / Compass Real Estate

3:15 pm    Heavily Discounted  –  3:15-4:30  –  Elks Lodge

                  Rodney York –  3:15-4:00  –  Sotheby’s Real Estate

3:20 pm    Hippi Chix  –  3:20-4:30  –  Nottinghams Tavern Patio

3:30 pm    Simone Scherzer  –  3:30-4:30  –  Old German Deli

                  Alec Johnson  –  3:30-4:30  –  Muchachos Tortilla Bar

                  Robbie Bos  –  3:30-4:30  –  Village Sports Bar

4:00 pm   John Phane & Mike Early  –  4:00-5:00  –  Stella Luna

                  Ed Krause  –  4:00-5:00  –  Queen Bee

                  David Blanton –  4:00-5:00  –  La Pergola Trattoria

                  Fran’s Van  –  4:00-5:00  –  A Christmas Store N More

                  Dana Larson  –  4:00-5:00  –  572 Social Kitchen & Lounge (west)

4:15 pm    Bob Loza  –  4:15-5:00  –  Sotheby’s Real Estate

4:30 pm   Jimmy Lewis  –  4:30-5:30  –  Old German Deli

Troy Story – 4:30 – 5:30 – SoCal Resorts / Compass Real Estate

5:00 pm    Rukus  –  5:00-6:15  –  Elks Lodge

                  Rebecca Jane  –  5:00-6:00  –  Oakside Restaurant & Bar

                  Mo Hollis  –  5:00-6:00  –  Amangala’s Sandwich & Bagel House Breezeway (west)

                  Scott & Amy  –  5:00-6:00  –  Queen Bee

                  Boswell Project  –  5:00-6:00  –  Muchachos Tortilla Bar

                  The Gitty Ups  –  5:00-6:00  –  Village Sports Bar

5:15 pm   Farley The Fiddler  –  5:15-6:15  –  Sotheby’s Real Estate

5:30 pm   Dave Graham  –  5:30-6:30  –  La Pergola Trattoria

                  Beth Wheat Trio  –  5:30-6:15  –  A Christmas Store N More

6:00 pm    Ed Masuga –  6:00-7:00  –  Stella Luna

                  Mass Appeal / “Harmonica Jam Take III” – Lead by Mo Hollis  –  6:00-7:15  – 

                  Amangela’s Sandwich & Bagel House (west)

                  Rich Spaulding  –  6:00-7:00  –  Queen Bee

                  Revolver  –  6:00-7:30  –  SoCal Resorts / Compass Real Estate

6:30 pm   David Blanton  –  6:30-7:30  –  Muchachos Tortilla Bar

                  The Blackbook  –  6:30-8:00  –  Village Sports Bar

6:45 pm   Social Habit  –  6:45-8:00  –  Elks Lodge

                  Mass Appeal / Beat Your Bucket Jam Drum Circle  –  6:45-7:45  –  Sotheby’s Real Estate

7:00 pm  Alec Johnson  –  7:00-8:30  –  Oakside Restaurant & Bar

                  Kelsey Manning  –  7:00-8:00  –  La Pergola Trattoria

                  Participant Group Jam  –  7:00-8:00  –  Copper Q

And of course, Open Mic at the “Copper Q” this year:

2:00 pm  –  Connie Ybarra

2:30 pm  –  Barbara Andrik

3:00 pm  – Bob Greenan

3:30 pm  – Kelsey Manning

4:00 pm  –  Regina

4:30 pm  –  Les Paul

5:00 pm  –  Capt John

5:30 pm  –  Tony Ferraro

6:00 pm  –  Jr. Da Capo

6:30 pm  –  Taylor Ariel

7:00 pm  –  Group Musician Jam

7:30 pm  –  Group Musician Jam

Schedule at a Glance

Updated June 19, 2024, 4:13 pm


You want to get in on some action?

The Mass Appeal Harmonica Jam Take III is happening at 6:00 pm at Amangala’s Sandwich & Bagel House. Mo Hollis will be passing out 24 Hohner Harmonicas, and taking you through the history and playing styles of the harmonica. Then Mo will teach you different harmonic blowing styles, and do some play alongs. This will end with a harmonica jam session with some special guests.

The Mass Appeal Beat Your Bucket Jam / Drum Circle will take place at 6:45 pm at Sotheby’s Real Estate. Come get some Vic Firth Drum Sticks and a bucket and join in the fun. Start with some simple beats, and grow into a full out drum beat session.

Volunteers – Did you say volunteers? Yes, we need you this year. Hanging banners, setting up EZ-UPs for shade, running extensions chords around. Helping hands are needed. Set it up and tear it down. Contact us! Find our contact info at the very bottom of this website.

If you did not get in on the action this year by performing, contact us so we can include you in next year’s Make Music Event. Got a group of horn players, piano players, ukulele players, we want you. Would you like to parade up the street with a gang of kazoo players, come on out and let’s make this happen. We are open to all ideas and all levels of beginners to professional players. After all, this is a free day of music, all are welcome!


If you would love to help out, organize and schedule, hang banners, or just donate some monies to the cause, we will be so glad to talk with you.

Your donations and time will really help us!

Contact us through our email:


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