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Make Music


Make (or Enjoy) Music During Park(ing) Day!

September 5, 2016

Like we said Make Music Chattanooga is going to be involved in and supporting Chattanooga’s music community all year round. That’s why we decided to change up our logo a little bit.


Design by Gabrielle Blades of Blades Creative

Our next Make Music Chattanooga event is Park(ing) Day. Park(ing) Day is an annual “global revisioning of urban public space.” Metered parking spots in downtown will become mini-parks occupied by various Chattanooga businesses, organizations and people who want to create their own park for the day. Make Music Chattanooga will have a “parklet” at this year’s Park(ing) Day on Friday, September 16th from 11am to 3pm.

Our exact spot has not been assigned yet, the parklets will be between 700-900 Market Street; 100-300 E MLK Blvd.

We will be hosting an Open Mic in our parklet. If you are interested in performing some songs, please email us at and we will put you on the list! You can RSVP and help us spread the word here.

If you or someone you know would like to lend us a hand in setting up our spot. We need volunteers to assist with setting up at 9am and taking down at 3pm. Here are some things we would like to borrow that day:

– Mic/Mic Stand
– Guitar
– Keyboard
– Extension Cords
– Two wooden 4′ x 3.5′ pallets
– One 8′ x 3.5′ Plywood plank
– Artificial Grass Carpet Rug or some sort of grass
– Potted plants, flowers and/or trees
– Seating                                                                          

We will share the exact location as soon as it is assigned on September 9th.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you would like to assist us in planning our Park(ing) Day event or discuss the responses to our survey, feel free to join us on Saturday, September 10th at The Well at 3pm, RSVP here.

Speaking of the survey. If you are a Chattanooga area musician, please fill it out now, whether you played during Make Music Day or not. Thank you, thank you to everyone who has already completed the survey. We are already planning for next year based on the responses we have received.
In other news, one of our favorite Make Music Chattanooga bands, Masseuse have set a Go Fund Me to fund their debut album. Please make a donation our friends. Masseuse were the not only Make Make Day performers, they were the leaders of Coolidge Park stage and they’re valuable volunteers and supporters. Their contribution to Make Music Chattanooga is HUGE.

We will see on the 16th for Park(ing) Day, if not sooner!