Make Music Clatsop County

2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Marian Beck

Evidently, I’ve been crazy about bagpipes since I was a little kid. My folks would always take us to the 4th of July parade and when the pipe band would march past, I would take off after them! My dad would have to chase me down and bring me back. Interestingly, I ended up years later as a member of that same band, Capital City Pipes & Drums in Columbus, Ohio. I am very fortunate to have received excellent instruction from numerous world-renown players. I’ve competed as a solo and band player in many contests throughout the eastern United States and Canada. This has given me the basis for doing what I really love to do – make music! I enjoy sharing my Celtic roots with others and providing a service for various events and gatherings. I look forward to meeting other Celtic music enthusiasts and making a little noise on the streets of Astoria! My main instrument is a 1950’s Sinclair Great Highland bagpipe. I also have set of Blair pipes, more suitable to indoor venues.

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