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Make Music Cleveland is a celebration for everyone- from kazoos to the Cleveland Orchestra.

We’re looking for artists to perform, venues to host, and volunteers to help make this the best celebration of musical culture ever. If you know a great band, a good location, or have friends who would want to lend a hand, please send them this way!

Who qualifies as an artist for Make Music Cleveland? You guessed it: everyone! At the heart of Make Music Cleveland is the desire to create safe spaces for anyone to share in the fun than can be had when people make music together. Artists of all ages, abilities and genres are encouraged to participate. Whether it’s your cousin who plays the tuba, your neighbor’s garage band, your school’s drum line, your church choir, or your favorite DJ, anyone and everyone can join the music-making that is taking place around the world on June 21st.

Make Music Cleveland can be anywhere – from the illustrious concert halls, to the sidewalks, to an open space of a small business, to your own backyard! Any nook and cranny can be transformed into an unexpected, fun venue for live music! If you think you would make a good spot for some free, live music – whether you’re a restaurant, a storefront, or just have a spacious front garden – sign up your space to allow artists to choose to play your space. With our matchmaking software, artists can request to play in your space, or you can search the Artist listings to make your own match…then invite your friends!

Make sure to tell your friends so they may see you perform or play with you! Don’t forget to sign up.