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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Trashing Violet

Trashing Violet burst into the New England rock scene in mid-2019 with the desire to break free of day-to-day monotonies, and push out pure, adrenaline-fueled rock n’ roll –– multi-layered guitar riffs; plumped up, punked-out bass and drums, and fierce, passionate vocals. The four-piece band, comprising lead vocalist/ guitarist Marisa B, lead guitarist Anna V, bassist/vocalist Doug E, and drummer/vocalist Nick D, draws inspiration from ‘90s grunge, ’80s pop rock and even ’00s indie-rock favorites, which culminates in a never-dull, always-on live show. If you like The Interrupters’ “Take Back the Power,” Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother,” or Grace & The Nocturnals’ “Paris, Ooh La La,” you’ll love Trashing Violet. Trashing Violet’s first single, “Roam” (available on Spotify, iTunes, or Amazon Music) celebrates the renegade spirit, and anyone who just wants to hit the road, and “drive, drive, drive,” until the sun burns deep into their soul. The band’s lyrical musings are both poetic and

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