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2023 Listings: Wednesday, June 21st

Hello Wolf

Hello world, we're Hello Wolf, a local band based in Newtown, Connecticut. We play shows all over the greater Danbury area and in New Haven. Our sound is a witchy mix of swamp rock, funk, and alternative with an edge of Nashville blues. A Hello Wolf night is a good night. Bryan has been playing guitar for.ever. and bass for almost a decade. He also writes and produces. So that makes him a quadruple threat. Hector is a life-long music lover and performer. He's even worked as a roadie just to be near bands when he wasn't in one. Bob.... well, Bob makes a drum kit sing. I kid you not: it's possible. And Ruby. Get ready for Ella Fitzgerald's vocal power, Sinead O'Connor's feminist manifesto, and Amy Winehouse's jazz sensibility. Hello Wolf has been together for about a year, and it all started with a Craig's List ad. The rest is history.

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