Make Music
Washington DC DMV


We’re building a wall to let everyone in

June 5, 2020

For Make Music Day, we (SAW, the Songwriters’ Association of Washington) are asking for every musician within the region to post a video of themselves playing to a virtual video wall. Can we count on you?  No contest. No Games. Just Music. Now, more than ever, music is the answer everyone can hear. We ask that you upload a video anytime before Sunday, June 21st and we will organize everyone to SHARE your VIDEO at the same time on that day. We can make an “inclosion” (soon to be in Urban Dictionary as an explosive inclusion).

Here’s how THE VIDEO WALL works:
So we can coordinate with you, register for an account on StreamCatcher and submit up to 3 videos of your music. We will add your video to the wall with the info you provide: song title, your name, and a link to your website if provided.

Check out the other videos and please share the video wall liberally and often, and especially on 6/21, when all over the world people will be celebrating from isolation but in concert. We will mail instructions to everyone we can to coordinate “flash mobs” of music as we share your work and make the internet all about music and you.

Other info:
This project is open to everyone who makes music. There is no other requirement except the will and chill it takes to post a video of your being musical before June 21 (Make Music Day). We can accept YouTube links or Vimeo links. The entrant is solely responsible for assuring that the link to their song works.

We invite you to send us your video today.  If you have any questions about the StreamCatcher projects or would like to support projects like this, please email