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2022 Listings: Tuesday, June 21st

Zach Andersen

After breaking his neck, all Zach Andersen could do during the recuperation process was play video games and learn to play guitar. Once he was all healed, he jokingly thought it would be fun to write his own songs. A few minutes later, this joke turned into a new passion and the formation of The Andersen Brothers (or something like that). Along with his brother, Eric, Zach took the local music scene by storm with their catchy, relatable and nostalgic songs. Their first album, "Unrequited Daze", was released in 2011 and contained crowd favorite "However Hard She Tries" and several other TAB classics. While TABoslt is on hiatus, Zach continues to write and record song after song, album after album, releasing 3 studio albums, 2 live albums, and 6 singles over the past decade. You can also see Zach perform solo acoustic at all your favorite intimate venues, busy streets, packed conventions, or from the comfort of your computer screen.

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