Voxtet Vocal Ensemble

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Through a special arrangement between the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation and the Italian-based SlideWorld, the History Center at Ellis Island currently hosts a “SlideDoor,” a life-sized portal with live video and audio capabilities that enables spontaneous, real-time personal connections. Coming upon the Ellis Island SlideDoor you’ll meet people engaging with the display’s “twin” more than 4,000 miles away in the Cathedral of San Mateo in Salerno, Italy.

For the Festa della Musica in Italy, three Italian bands will perform live in Salerno in front of the SlideDoor, so that visitors in Ellis Island can hear their music. In return, the Voxtet group in New York will perform a concert of French repertoire, live for an Italian audience.

16:00 – Stradeaperte group, featuring Marco Balestrieri (mandolin), Luca Capuccio (electric cello) and Riccardo Antonielli (pipedrum and percussion).

16:30 – “Fellini in Jazz,” with Stefano Giuliano (saxophone), Marco De Gennaro (piano), Vincenzo Nigro (bass) and Stefano de Rosa (drums)

17:00Voxtet is the William Paterson University Music Department’s newest vocal ensemble. This a cappella group performs repertoire ranging from the Renaissance to the present, and all without a conductor. Voice program directors Dr. Lauren Fowler-Calisto and Dr. Christopher Herbert perform with their students in order to give hands-on experience in ensemble leadership. In 2021, Voxtet performed on the William Paterson Chamber Choir tour to Italy. Their French program at Ellis Island will include works by Gombert, Clemens, and Josquin.

17:30Antonio Nicola Bruno (guitar)

21:30 – From New York, flutist Kim Lewis plays the classic solo work Density 21.5 by Edgard Varèse, in the building through which Varèse himself came when he emigrated from France to the United States in 1915.

Start Time : 16:00 - 21:30
Country : Italy
Venue : Cathedral of San Mateo, Salerno
Address : Piazza Alfano I, 84125

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